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Purity Vanilla is commonly described as an "anarchy" or "vanilla anarchy" server - however, there are rules against hacking and exploits. This causes some players to ask the question, "If this is anarchy, why can't I hack?"

What is an anarchy server?

The common definition of anarchy is a state of chaos resulting from a lack of authority. Therefore, an anarchy server in Minecraft would be one lacking many of the rules and protections typical of survival servers such as plugins allowing teleportation and claiming land, rules against griefing and raiding, et cetera.

Do anarchy servers lack rules?

The meaning of an anarchy server is often simplified to just not having rules, however this is not strictly accurate. Many traditional anarchy servers have an anticheat plugin, making it impossible to use certain hacks. Many also disallow lag machines, as they affect the integrity of the server itself. Even 2b2t, the most well known Minecraft anarchy server, has severe lag machines banned and an anticheat. So, there is precedent for anarchy servers having rules of some kind.

What is a vanilla anarchy server?

Purity Vanilla seeks not only to have the chaotic environment of anarchy servers, but is also dedicated to the vanilla Minecraft base game. In order to maintain the vanilla Minecraft playing experience, hacking and exploits are banned. This sub-genre of anarchy servers has been named "vanilla anarchy".

Are vanilla anarchy servers really anarchy servers?

There is no clear answer whether Purity Vanilla is an arnachy server or just a vanilla SMP[1] where people build lavacasts. If we compare the rules (and the administration) of classical arnachy servers like 2b2t with Purity Vanilla, the biggest difference are the consequences if a player breaks the rules: On 2b2t or other classical arnachy servers, the hardest punishment a player can get is the unabillity to get queue priority which is, especially on 2b2t, required to play properly. But on those servers, no player can actually get banned while on Purity Vanilla, players can. In conclusion: Purity Vanilla is not a clone of 2b2t without hacks but still an alternative to classical arnachy servers if you want to play in (almost) vanilla without game-breaking exploits.

  1. SMP = Survival MultiPlayer