Purity Wiki

After playing singleplayer by himself for a few weeks, ICodeViper got bored of playing Minecraft alone, so he decided to play on an anarchy server, inspired by what he'd seen on 2b2t. Liking the idea of a server with no rules, he searched for an anarchy server that didn't have a ginormous queue. On April 6th, 2019, Viper found Purity Vanilla on a voting website.


Joining the Server

As Viper joined, he spawned in a place that looked.. pretty, compared to what spawn is now. A single lavacast wall, with a nether portal and tunnels leading out from all four sides. The ground you could see at 0,0 was grass, the biome swamp, and trees still dotting the surrounding area; however, instead of immediately walking out of spawn, Viper decided to commit /suicide about 5 times, then proceed to walk out of spawn.

He wandered aimlessly in every direction, just looking to get as far as he could from spawn. At the same time, chatting up the server while being attacked by phantoms (naked) and not sleeping in a bed yet. Once he found a place, he made a shitty little shack (didn't have a roof) and called it a "base".


Noticing about 5 minutes after he joined, Viper saw his name was "gray" and others were white. At the time, Greys vs. White (or whatever) wasn't a thing yet, but still decided that he wanted his name white.

Joining Ivanuss to Make a City

After squatting in his shack for a few hours, a player named Ivanuss who had joined a day before him gave Viper an offer to base with him at 50 thousand blocks, via highway. Humbled by the offer, Viper immediately said yes and traveled to Ivan's meet up place (-4700 and -1500, wonder if it's still intact). Being a little far away (as a noob) at -800 and 3000 (wonder how that place is doing too), it took him 3 hours to get there. Just as he got there, however, a hole in a drawbridge on top of a mountain made him fall to his death, all the way to spawn. 1 minute later, Ivanuss also fell in the hole and got sent to spawn, because his bed didn't work. Literally screaming at penguin to teleport them back, he did (literal legend), and if it weren't for that act Viper probably would've quit pretty early.

After being teleported back to the Castle by penguin, Viper and Ivanuss made a migration across the highway to 50 thousand blocks, where what is now Kallekot is located.


Founded on April 7th, 2019, the name was picked out by Ivanuss to make it sound like a Norse Village. On the same day, Ivanuss invited FirbizCZ to Kallekot, and together they made a series of churches.

Creating the Church of the Good Creeper

When Viper arrived to the new base, he wanted to make his mark by making a church, a place that the town would grow around. He spent his first week on the server making it, and by the end finally finished it. Firbis soon followed after by making 2 other churches, Notre Dame de Kallekot and then Kallekot Cathedral. It wouldn't be surprising to name the place, "Church Town". Viper also tried to build the Wall of Kallekot, made out of mainly nether bricks made from tunneling in the nether.

Joining Phoenix 1

Over time, Kallekot slowly began to die out until it was only Code and Firbis (both getting on at different times). Dovakaen invited Code to Phoenix 1, once Ivanuss told Code he quit.

The MC:PV Coalition

2019-06-16 15.40.35c.png

Wjem Kallekot started to become inactive, Viper became the only member still frequently online. One day, Dovakaen mentioned in Discord about forming a group to clean spawn, and Viper inquired to Dova about the offer. Dova ended up going through with the idea of a spawn group, making the Minecraft: Purity Vanilla Coalition (MC:PV). Although its effect not too great at spawn, it did establish the idea of making farms and set the foundations for flattening spawn. Viper tried to make a little canal to allow players to move into the swampy water and on their way, but it got frost walked (rip).

The Leaking of Phoenix 1

On June 9th (or 8th) 2019, Phoenix 1 fell after the team agreed to kick FinnyFinnster out for being disruptive to the group. Finny soon leaked the coords of Phoenix 1 to Actzol and TipTopBopp, telling them to "grief it all". Instead, they toured the base and picked up artifacts.

Founding Passione

After the fall of Phoenix, Code wanted to go into a smaller group and pursue other projects. Code and seiyadragon talked a lot during Phoenix, so they agreed to split off and make our own base. It so happened that Actzol heard of our leaving of Phoenix, and asked me if he could join. Code agreed and Actzol joined the two for their new group. After joining, he asked if his friend TipTopBop could also join. Knowing TipTop for creating the "Purity Alliance" (which later became Purity Market), Code liked him, so Code and seiya gave Actzol the go-ahead.

Forming the Cartel

Passione was a pretty tight group at first, but over time cracks in the foundation began to clearly show. Eventually, Code, seiya, and Firbis all got kind of tired from TipTop and Actzol. They split off from the group and griefed their builds, and formed the griefing group called the Cartel.

Code lived in a shithole called the Drug Tunnels for a little bit, until seiyadragon thought it was a smart idea to "test" duping rails (he already knew it didn't work). Needless to say, he got banned and a meme sprouted out of him, and with his ban Code just kind of moved out of the Drug Tunnels. Code moved to the +,+ quadrant and made a base called Camp Forlorn Hope, inspired by the town in Fallout New Vegas. It was named that because Code felt like it was his last base. Code invited seiyadragon and Firbis, as well as Contom to the base, but it didn't really work out. Seiya just stopped playing, Firbis moved to Ghost Town with Frazzle, and Code was either doing PaCo things when it was active or being inactive. The only player that really made the base alive was Contom at this point.

After pretty much "quitting" by the start of September, Code's time on this server was done. It was, until TipTopBop and Splash found Forlorn on (Sept. 17?). It was a catalyst to bring Code back here, and join Build Guild.

Joining PaCo

In between the Cartel and joining Build Guild, Code participated in the first PaCo group. While not being heavily involved in the main efforts of the group, Code contributed by widening and extending the -x highway.

Trade Discord involvement

Code helped start up the first trade discord called Purity Market with TipTop by inviting members to the old "Purity Alliance" group created by TipTop. Many players joined, and TipTop along with several other members came up with ideas on making a secure trading system. Code became the first mod for Purity Market, and has been a mod on every trade discord (excluding Purity Black Market) since.

Joining Build Guild

After coming back to the server, Frazzle53 invited Code to join him at Build Guild. There, Code started work on a town called Dunmug, located in the swamps and meant to be a slum-town. Along with many other members joining Build Guild (2), it was a very prosperous base for a period. However, it became inactive due to various reasons and the base was dead by February. When Code came back to the server after a break, he continued some builds at Dunmug until joining Glaciagrad at Invicta.

Joining Invicta

After talking with Rasmus and NJZJ, Code decided to join Invicta to pursue bigger build projects at Glaciagrad. There, Code made various projects in size and heavily improved on building. Currently at the new Invicta, Code is working on a castle and walled town.