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Historio joined Purity in June of 2019, but only played for around 2 weeks. He returned to the server in May 2020 and played until the Gardenia Scandal in October, then took another extended break, which is still going.


Early Days

Historio first joined Purity on June 8th, 2019. After being killed by TipTopBop in under 5 seconds and getting some supplies from some community farms by 0 0, he escaped spawn.

After some exploring, he settled down in a forest just outside the greater spawn region, where he would make a fortress-like base and fantasize about joining a group, but never had the balls to actually ask. After two or so weeks he stopped playing on the server regularly and he stopped keeping up with the server completely around August 2019.


Historio would be completely inactive on Purity for the next 10 months, oblivious to any events happening on the server. He would log on only twice this entire time, the first time his base was totally untouched to his surprise, and the second time his chests had been raided but the actual builds were still intact.

Historio had been playing on SMP servers were griefing, theft, PvP, etc. weren't allowed for the last 3 years, but was starting to grow bored of them. So he decided to make a serious attempt at playing on an anarchy server. 2b2t was off the list for the queue, so he tried Constantiam and logged off after realizing the TPS was terrible, and remembering hacked clients were needed to have a chance of survival, which he didn't like. So he thought "Man, I wish there was an anarchy server where you couldn't use hacks", and after 5 seconds of cogs turning in his brain he logged onto Purity.

The Return

Historio logged onto Purity and was met with a queue, which confused him as there was no queue when he used to play. Despite not liking queues he decided to sit through it anyway. When he logged on he found his base as he left it, raided but intact. He salvaged whatever was left and went much further out and made a small base in a tundra. He lived there for a week before joining a group called the Crusaders.

During his time living in the tundra base Historio read up on the wiki and sat in a call with OwO for hours. Through those sources, he learned how much had happened while he was gone. Almost all the names he remembered from when he used to play had either been banned, left the server, or slowly went inactive.

The Cr*saders

Historio's stay at the Crusaders base Antioch was short, only lasting around a week. He built a small temple and better established himself on the server during this time. Soon enough he started to grow paranoid of how easily eggr*llsbro was letting people in, and Sev and Petr were making the quality of life at the base terrible with their constant screeching. Due to this he left the base and started working on a shitty solo base. Turns out he made the right call as Antioch was griefed less than 2 weeks later, and some months later eggrollsbro was exposed as a pedophile.


Historio was referenced to Zenith by Thinking_Robot after asking him about an Empire splinter base project that got abandon following Warvan's ban. After making such a comically long application to the group that it briefly became a copypasta, he was let in. The main project he worked on at Zenith's temp base, Tartarus, was the gunpowder farm, digging out a decent part of the perimeter and building the farm itself.

After returning from a quick vacation he started building at Zeningrad. He made a little cave thing, a villager breeder, and an automatic potato farm before Zeningrad was abandoned due to NSO obtaining coordinates.


Historio was one of the first people to be invited to Gardenia (Zenith + Vortex with a new name) but didn't arrive at the base for quite a while due to taking a break from the server because villager curing was busted. Over the course of a month and a half he slowly made his way to the base, and just a few days after he got there zombifcation got re-enabled, which lead him to start making a new and improved trading hall for the base, along with some smaller projects like a planned house in Brandon's village and a super smelter (fuck u Gaxxor the old one was shit).

Gardenia would meet an abrupt end following a mass ban caused by the duping scandal. This left the faction a mess with some members feeling betrayed by the other half of the faction, while others were aware of the duping but had no involvement with it. Shortly after the bans Gardenia dissolved and merged into it's ally faction, DC, while Historio took a break from the server.

Inactive, Again

When Historio came back to the server he tried to get into the DC with the rest of his friends, but the faction was very full and so Eulo made the only reasonable choice and pitted Historio and Tidepod against each other in a vote on who should be let in. Naturally, the woman was let in and Historio was left with nowhere to go but his solo base, but there wasn't much incentive to play without any basemates. So he ended up leaving Purity indefinitely again, with a plan at the back of his mind to return again in the far future.

During his time away from Purity he went on an odyssey through a bunch of smaller Vanilla Anarchy servers, including a few that died instantly, and one that didn't die instantly. He played as a regular on the server from late November 2020 until February 2021 when he effectively quit due to getting too roped into server politics, making the server stressful rather than a fun.

After this he would make two half-hearted returns to Purity, eventually receiving DC membership, but at the time he didn't really care as he was busy irl, and he was quite alienated from semi-anarchy due to the bad experiences with server politics.


Historio returned to Purity in Summer 2022 for something to do. He currently rocks the builder hermit lifestyle at DC.