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Highways are a way for players to travel across long distances in singular directions, either through the Overworld or Nether. Like most servers, Purity Vanilla has many man-made highways for players to travel on.

Nether Highways

The Nether Highways are the highways in the Nether. All 4 axis highways lead to the World Border around 60k blocks out in the nether. There are also lesser-used diagonal and ring highways.

The highways were mainly constructed by StarBaron and his teammate DouuG1, with the help of the public by trading various in-demand items such as Elytras, Shulker Boxes, and Mending Books in return for obsidian.

Rich helped by making it a "Nether fly-way"(the highway's fly as hell).

Most established groups use their own highways that start further from spawn and lead close to their base to be able to quickly travel while preventing their bases from being griefed.

During mid-November 2019, the user POPCAT started a group known as the Nether Highway Construction Team. The goal of the group was to repair and extend all highways to 60k, and make a ring-road at 30k. An optional task was making diagonal highways reaching 60k. The group has since been inactive, with no public recruitment, nor any expectation to do so. As far as anybody's concerned, NHCT has died.

The tunnel group PaCo (pathfinder coalition) has helped with digging the highways. PaCo was responsible for the construction of a square shaped ring-road at 2.5k blocks out in the nether.

In March 2020, PaCo was revived by StarBaron as PaCo 2. PaCo 2 placed ice in the center of the 3x3 axis nether highways, allowing any player to travel incredibly fast using boats, and also began paving the highways with cobblestone slabs. PaCo 2 members also created an obsidian nether hub in April 2020 and a ring-road 200 blocks from nether spawn.


Between January and February 2021 SIP lead by The Grey built all the highways from nether hub to world borders entirely from obsidian at y=116, for more information see Spawn Infrastructure Project.

More Information

Watch NerdieBirdie's Nether Highway video to learn more about their construction.

Overworld Highways

The Overworld Highways are the highways in the overworld. These highways are most commonly traveled by new players or for short-distance travel. These highways are all 3x3 and run on Y: 63. The first overworld highway was the +Z dug by Melofors in August 2019.

The overworld highways have been constructed by the Overworld Highway Corporation, founded by Melofors and Splash in October 2019. The project went inactive in late 2019 and revived slightly in late 2020.

In March 2021 SIP lead by The Grey built all the overworld highways (except -Z) from obsidian at y=63. Obsidian roads in overworld go until 10k. For more information see Spawn Infrastructure Project.

Axis Highways

+Z (South)

The +Z Axis Highway stretches for 10k blocks in the overworld. It is the first axis highway in the server's overworld. It was mined by Melofors from spawn to 2k and later expanded to 10k by Splash and other members of the Overworld Highway Corporation. The highway was known as the Splash Highway during its expansion in September 2019 by Splash. There are three outposts along the highway, all of which have been griefed by Caudimora.

  • 1k - sign and small abandoned build
  • 2.6k - Alpha Outpost (griefed)
  • 3.6k - Beta Outpost (griefed)
  • 7.5k - Gamma Outpost (griefed)
  • 50k - 50k Castle (griefed), large "50,000" sign built with netherrack
  • 80k - small hut
  • 100k - small hut

+X (East)

From left to right: vova321, Mrska999, and iSTiNo after expanding the +X Axis Highway to 5k

The +X Axis Highway stretches for several thousand blocks in the overworld. The first 1k was mined by Mrska999, and the highway leading up to 5k was dug by several people. From 5k outwards, 3x3 tunnels have been mined by Ari. There are currently no notable checkpoints.

+X (Eastern Canal)

The +X Axis canal stretches from around 4000 to currently 13500. The first section from 7000 to 11111 was built by player MishaTG in spring of 2020. It originated in small settlement of random buildings built by unorganised group of players at X=7000. MishaTG then built small stops on the canal every 1000 blocks to allow travelers to rest and resuply.

The player Jalapeno690 found the canal in poor shape on the 18th of April 2021 and extended it from 11000k to 14000k, he is currently expanding it going roughly 1000k blocks a day, compared to other projects the materials used are mostly stone and cobble. There are many notable structures along the route and it is hoped others will help in the construction in the future.

-X, +Z (Southwest)

  • 20k, 20k - tower (built before 7/15/19)
  • 40k, 40k - small griefed building, melon farm

Square Highways

There is 20K highway and as its name suggest it is at 20 000 blocks.