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griefyoudotEXE is an epic gamer dude who plays on Purity Vanilla for 18 hours a day. He is the servers number one fan, and to ensure that his reputation is upheld, he votes every single day. As a result, he sustains himself entirely on vote porkchops. He is best known for being the player with the most votes on the server, and also being the co-owner of the Purity Events discord alongside EJ (EmeraldJaguar) as the two are very close friends. However, grief came up with the idea for events first, so he is the better owner.

Humble Beginnings

grief started out his journey in purity much unlike any other player. You see, the moment grief joined the server, he was immediately given white name. It is said that penguin could sense grief's already overpowering sense of dedication and loyalty to the server and vote rewards system, and granted him a white name to ensure grief's growth into the world's biggest votefag.

After escaping spawn (a very easy task for an epic gamer of his caliber) he quickly became friends with another player by the name of RobertDonald. grief and Robert bonded over their mutual xenophobia, and quickly became minecraft bf and gf. grief was the gf.

Fishy Business

After building a 10x10 hole at y=6 and surrounding himself with cobblestone stairs, grief was bored, as most of his minecraft sessions finished here. However, he had found a new passion in purity - calling people in chat the same racial slur over and over. In order to facilitate this hobby, he would have to keep playing on the server, but with nothing to do he wasn't sure if his plan was feasible. However, after some quick googling, grief discovered the highly-respected art of AFK fishing. After using his gamer skills to build a fully-functioning AFK fisher in only 5 hours, grief started his venture into what can only be described as the activity which formed his entire personality. You can still catch grief AFK fishing today - if you try to speak to him in chat, and he doesn't reply with a barrage of ethnically-directed curse words, then you've got him, hook line and sinker. fishing joke

Current Activity

grief is currently the leader of the well-known faction The Crusaders , building massive 20 block high netherrack pillars in random locations near his base to display his total control and dominance over the natural world. He can often be found building gold farms with the very very large high amount of obsidian he has. You would not believe how much obsidian he has. He has, like, at least 500 shulkers of obsidian, and his gold farm requires 20 of his alts to be online at once for maximum production.

When he isn't busy being the richest player on purity, he can be found on the horde server building 20 dodgeball arenas that will never get used with his best friend EJ. The two are planning more events in the future, such as hunger games, tag, and a special temp map where grief gets admin powers and permabans 90% of the active playerbase for the hacks he KNOWS they're using.

Spawn Griefing

The following tables to calculate the amount of damage done by a player were developed by player briblu3 after years of observation and testing on the server Venture Vanilla. These data, collected in a vanilla survival environment, are relevant to Purity Vanilla due to the fact that Purity Vanilla is a server without dupes or plugins (which ultimately influences people's decisions and playstyle on the server).

Using these calculations, grief's damage to the spawn region and highways of the server is approximately 1,719,360 blocks in the Overworld (66 shulkers of TNT + 2,880 withers) and 1,590,384 blocks in the Nether (25 shulkers of TNT + 1,120 withers). As far as is known, this is the most destruction to the spawn region caused by a single player on the server to date.