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Lent of 2021 featured the emergence of many new groups, particularly ones focused on PvP at spawn and ones focused on griefing, and had a level of video documentation of griefs unprecedented in Purity history.

Rakovan Re-Rises

Goldfarm base raided 11 February

Base of D1ckaD1cka, Grey member

Rakovan had almost completely collapsed following the January 17th griefs by the Chadlets. The beginnings of their re-emergence as a force on this server were seen when now-member Arkynn (now known as Arctyk) burst on the scene with an 11 February raid on three sets of coordinates in the -/+ quadrant, leaked by eggrollsbro. Builds were burned, but equipment and farms salvaged for future economic use. This would set the stage for Rakovan's emerging faction style: combining basehunting and raiding with economic endeavors aided by captured materiel. This new Rakovan would grief many smaller bases around spawn, including notably the Elders's abandoned faction base and the D1ckaD1cka spawn base including a relatively high efficiency gunpowder farm.

Frrost_Bite's TNT Spree

Following Frrost_Bite's ban on another vanilla anarchy server in February, Frrost and much of his entourage, the Pumpkin Legion, migrated to Purity Vanilla. Frrost quickly built up wealth, with megascale gold and gunpowder farms in his base, and began his griefing once his wealth and endless supply of TNT was assured. His griefs featured massive use of TNT, ideally detonated in a single explosion, and he consistently made videos of them to oddly-chosen music:

He left links to his discord on his videos, and many players inspired by his mayhem flocked to his banner. Some with knowledge of server history, however, noted his griefs of inactive bases featuring players who had not logged in for months, and were unimpressed with Frrost blowing up any random thing he could find.

Pumpkin versus Watermelon

Capitalizing on the many new players flocking to his non-faction group, Pumpkin Legion, Frrost invited all to come to a grief planned for the evening of Saturday, March 13th. Upon this pre-announced grief, RobertD strategized to slow Frrost's momentum by tracking down and burning his base. After Frrost griefed Sosse with his newfound Pumpkin friends, RobertD arrived at Frrost's base and griefed it, leaving copious amounts of Watermelon Legion ON TOP withers.

Frrost's and Pumpkin Legion's grief of Sosse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VQ9Zoq6vqY https://youtu.be/sf_pw78kcFI

RobertD's grief of Frrost and Pumpkin Legion: https://streamable.com/pv9ka4 (high quality massive link: https://mega.nz/file/T09E1DYL#QRcVN_gQqcgDAHMWSwJL51E4x7_1c8VylQf01_fy0CI )

On the anti-Pumpkin side, there was widespread expectation that this would temporarily halt the Pumpkin tide and pause Frrost's griefs for a while, as he rebuilt. But the reprieve was not quite as expected.

One weekend. Three Dead Faction Bases.

Frrost would bounce back sooner than expected, posting a video for the midweek grief of a grey base just a week and a half after the destruction of his base, under the auspices of the ICP, a non-faction griefing group led by Rico: https://youtu.be/nug9cjy5C7g

That weekend, the ICP griefed the base of Morningstar, a satanist faction lead by the incredibly foul-mouthed Shinobi/MSLucifer. Perhaps in response to Frrost's re-emergence, Rakovan griefed the base of Pumpkin Legion members optimal_evan and tyler: the faction base of Aura. Meanwhile, following an unwise decision by Dropjawed to stream a base full of shulkers of PvP-relevant gear lying on the ground in the open, StrangerJ, ShirtShot, and kylesmile travelled to the base of Dropjawed's faction, C9, stole the goods, burned the base, and got Dropjawed banned for freelook.

C9 faction base, Saturday, 27 March

With this weekend, it became clear that the griefing landscape had changed. Rico's ICP had emerged, and under the ICP, Frrost had switched to griefing relevant active faction bases rather than any random dead base. Rakovan was in the game, as was EXO. And the targets were a whole new generation of factions, spawn PvPers, and smack-talkers.