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The Temple of Jake, a build created by Jake7625 meant as a temple of the Church of Jake, was griefed between 26 and 27 November 2019, soon after the structure was completed. The temple was griefed by two groups, first by a group of players affiliated with The Varden fighting in the name of The Holy Elmo, then later by The Grey.

The Griefs

Elmo's Grief

On 25 November 2019, soon after Dawnbreakers I was griefed, Highestintheroom gave Varden member Kylesmile coordinates to the Temple of Jake during a conversation. After sitting on the coordinates for a while, Kyle decided to check it out with StrangerJ on 26 November. After wandering around for a bit, the two decided to grief it, getting 'pretty far into the grief', finishing it by replacing the Jake head statue with one of The Holy Elmo. The next morning, Varden members and Elmo Union founders Mrska999 and iSTINO arrived at the temple, lavacasting the major buildings and killing Jake and GrandmaPepe. On 27 November, Kylesmile declared that the "Church of Jake has fallen by Mrska999 and the rest of Elmo's hand."

The Grey's Grief

Later, the location of the Temple of Jake was given to Grey leader DrNemo90, who sent MrFair and Zachiino on 27 November. The two flooded the interiors and destroyed the exteriors of the remaining buildings, and left a floating sign reading "The Greys".