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How a grey's name appears in chat

Unregistered users in Purity Vanilla are commonly known as greys or greyfags, due to their grey-colored names and messages in chat. As the vast majority of unregistered users are new and vice versa, greys can often be seen in the server's chat saying and asking things that indicate a lack of experience, and as such they are hated by Purity's community.


New players tend to be rather clueless, many come after being alienated by 2b2t's queue, or just looking for survival servers. Therefore they often ask questions that indicate this cluelessness, such as about the spawn or the server's rules. Greys are also considered untrustworthy, as due to not having played on the server for long, they have not yet developed a reputation. Due to a combination of these factors, greys are hated by much of Purity's community. There are some PVPers known as spawnfags who spend much of their time at spawn massacring new greys, along with fighting with other spawnfags.

Common things said by greys and explanations

  • "Is this server like 2b2t?" - Due to this server being classified as a vanilla anarchy server, it is often compared to the most significant anarchy server, 2b2t. This question is rather strange, as they are the ones who typed "minecraft anarchy server" into the Google search bar.
  • "If this is anarchy, why can't i hack?" - The classic. Most servers classified as anarchy allow hacking due to flat-out not having any rules. Purity Vanilla, however, is a server dedicated to the vanilla game, and as such hacks and exploits are disallowed. You can complain about it being classified as anarchy despite having minor rules all you want, not going to change hacking being banned.
  • "I spawned in a cave", "Why is spawn filled with cobblestone", etc - Given that Purity allows griefing and has a non-protected spawn area, spawn is filled with lavacasts and water from oceanmakers. This confounds the grey.
  • "How do i escape spawn", "Could someone help me get out of spawn", etc - As spawn is not traditional Minecraft terrain, greys tend to have some issues leaving the spawn area. You could try to help them by telling them portal or highway locations, but they tend to ask for help at every single step of the way so don't even bother.
  • "Why are my diamonds turning into stone?" - The anti-xray makes blocks behind walls render as random ores, mossy cobblestone, etc until they should be able to be seen by the player, but in periods with low TPS sometimes these ghost ores are visible to the player while mining. Greys often think that the admins are taking away their ores manually to fuck with them, or have other conspiracy theories.
  • "Trees!!" - Much of the resources around spawn have been taken, including trees. Greys are, therefore, shocked to see these resources, and feel the need to announce when they see a tree.