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Grey Lives Matter is a newer organization that is best known for obnoxiously spamming GREY LIVES MATTER in chat and griefing crusader base Antioch.

GLM's main goal is not grey superiority, nor to escort all greys out of spawn for free, but rather to fight the notion that greys exist to be ignored in chat, and to spread the message that while some greys are annoying, some are worth talking to and giving a helping hand. GLM believes that greys should make it out of spawn with their own skills, and as many do, these greys should not be automatically discounted as players just because of their chat colour and status as new players.

The official stance of GLM, again, isn't that all ranks are inferior or that greys should be treated well for being annoying. It is that greys shouldn't be maltreated solely for being grey.

Early Formation of the GLM Movement

GLM began some time before 06/05/2020 between two members, lalacucu and maximus, who built a small base/sanctuary within spawn for new players. They came into contact with KingLoop, who had been playing on the server for slightly longer than these two, and was excited to take part in a movement that helped new players out. KingLoop invited b1enu (then Beans205) and Rowan (DrRowan) to join them, and they set out to base slightly further from spawn. DrRowan and other early members were a part of the group GLM, but hadn't moved in until June fifth. It was at this point that they were joined by kooldj3k, PineappleOrangez and TheAtom64, coming together as the original founders of the GLM movement and faction.

First Base

The first GLM base was established on 06/05/2020, and was named Forgreys by kooldj3k. It developed into a medium-sized base with a medieval style. Several members joined over the following week, with the faction growing at a reasonable rate. During this time, Charlemagne_0742 accidentally landed in the base while using a nether portal and landing inside of the well, leaving the members aware that not only was their base too close to spawn, but that they would have to abandon the newly-established base not too long after.

Raid On Antioch.jpg

The Raid on Antioch

On 15/06/2020, kooldj3k came into possession of the coords to The Crusaders base, Antioch, after being leaked by insiders _Daddy_Devito and MINISTER20. The raid took place on 16/06/2020 and was performed by kooldj3k, DrRowan, and TheLastTidepod, although many fell along the way. The Crusaders' members were not happy about this, with eggrollsbro vowing to take revenge on GLM for the grief.

The Premature Destruction of Forgreys

Late on 16/06/2020, a new grey player shabicus accidentally found Forgreys, possibly by using the same portal that Charlemagne_0742 had left a week before. He leaked the coords in chat immediately asking someone to come and grief the base but, ironically, as he was a grey, the chat ignored him. The decision was made between the online members to self grief the base, take all valuables and destroy the storage room, and move to the new base location scouted out several days prior.

GLM members currently reside in Greg, a cave base, identified by a statue of Danny Devito as The Trash Man built in honor of _Daddy_Devito's efforts in infiltrating the crusaders.

The trash man statue.png

The Raid on Jerusalem

After realizing that the crusaders had bought his claim that eggrollsbro had leaked the coords himself, _Daddy_Devito and MINISTER20 reported the coords to the crusaders base Jerusalem only a few days later. After waiting for over a week, the group raided and destroyed Jerusalem, and the nearby base owned by other crusaders members.

Jerusalem raid.png

Abaporu City

After griefing Crusaders for the second time, the members of GLM realised that their current base wasn't going to suit their needs as a faction. Packing things up, they moved far out on the positive Z highway, and established a new base in a plains biome on the 1st of July 2020. The plan was for this to be a city themed base, with asphalt roads running throughout several larger builds. After a time it became clear that the base needed a name, leading to the two month long discussion/argument about what the base should be named. Roughly 32 different names were suggested until GlaceonGuy got annoyed with the whole thing and randomised the naming rights, leading to Von_Wein3rt_Br naming the base 'Abaporu City', named after a painting by Tarsila do Amaral.

Abaporu City lasted for about 3 1/2 months, being the main home of almost all GLM members for the time period. On the 24th of October 2020, all of NSO along with several members of Legion stormed the base, via coordinates obtained from screenshots that Stupid Woman Tidepod sent to NSO before she knew what block rotations were. The base received an adequate grief, with all structures being mostly blown up and many withers being spawned.

Abaporu City pre-grief

Abaporu City post-grief

Current Activity

GLM members GlaceonGuy and Tidepod_ have both decided to split off from the group and go on their own ventures, Glaceon joining Chadlets and Tide joining DC.

The remaining GLM members merged with the remnants of Vanguard, a faction Oranges09 was briefly a part of, to form Aotus.