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The following content is intended to be factual. If you're looking for the shitpost, it's at GlaceonGuy

GlaceonGuy is an influential purity player known for his abrasive manner, bombastic chatting, wiki shitposts, and successful vengeance, especially emphasized in his targeted base griefs of those he lists and considers as retards, such as EJ, EggrollsBro, LAMF, and the invictards. He was a founding member of Grey Lives Matter and as of November 2020 is a member of Chadlets.

GLM and early friendships

GlaceonGuy began under the alias kooldj3k, an account loaned to him by his inactive brother. Joining GLM (Grey Lives Matter) under DrRowan shortly after its foundation, he quickly took on leadership signficance, organizing its initial griefs of Eggrollsbro's faction, the Crusaders.

Early on, he gained familiarity with griefyoudotEXE and RobertDonald, who denounced GLM's founder, DrRowan, as a larper who wasn't a newfag at all. He vigorously defended his faction and its founder, and took a starring role in its coming accomplishments.

Griefs of Crusaders and fallout

Looking for entertainment early in his Purity career, GlaceonGuy as kooldj3k organized the insiding of The Crusaders with the help of two of his real life friends and their minecraft accounts. The entirety of GLM burned the Crusaders's main base of Antioch on 15 June 2020, and one week later, burned their new main base of Jerusalem, leading to their collapse shortly thereafter. In the period after these griefs, GlaceonGuy's brother would ask for his minecraft account back, leading to GlaceonGuy transferring to a new account with his preferred alias, GlaceonGuy. In part due to his leadership of these raids, GlaceonGuy would take on the leadership role of GLM following DrRowan's general retirement into inactivity.

Bulletin board at GLM1: Forgreys

The initial griefs of the Crusaders became a defining experience for GlaceonGuy, as rather than saying gg and moving on, various Crusaders members including Eggrollsbro, LAMF, and Sev continued to feud with him from this small seed. The back and forth led, among other things, to the destruction of the base of LAMF and Sev's successor faction Merkury, Eggrollsbro's banishment from Purity after GlaceonGuy's repeatedly denouncements of him as a pedophile, and the general collapse of Legion, the eventual faction home of Eggrollsbro, LAMF, and Sev.

Wiki Contributions

GlaceonGuy initially contributed factual information regarding his faction, GLM. His writings became famous with his shitposts on griefyoudotEXE and RobertDonald, leading to his monetization of the Shitposts style of writing. He achieved Prestige rank as payment for his shitpost on Eggrollsbro, bought by RobertDonald and judged by Lacksal to be worthy of the highest possible rank, and continues to negotiate writing of shitposts on sufficiently interesting players, largely for payment of in-game items.

Further Griefs and Faction Change

An epic grief of COA

After EJ, frequently proclaimed by GlaceonGuy as a top 5 retard, joined the Children of Athena, GlaceonGuy griefed their base in response with the help of information from Tarqshark, ultimately deriving from incredibly low-cost bribery of another proclaimed top 5 retard, Lacksal. The next Children of Athena base was similarly griefed.

However, not every grief was to roll GlaceonGuy's way. Following an ill-considered livestream of his main base GLM3, Abaporu City, by factionmate Tidepod, NSO's Itzfreaks organized a grief of the base and invited GlaceonGuy's most hated faction, Legion, to maximally add insult to injury. After the base was destroyed on 24 October 2020, GlaceonGuy decided to leave GLM and seek a new faction.

GlaceonGuy's initial thoughts for new faction were Dung Beetles and Dick Cheese, which contained the majority of his in-game friends. He was rejected from Dick Cheese after two internal votes, much to the displeasure of then-member Micolash, and denied further votes. Following this, GlaceonGuy instead joined the Chadlets due to their shared love of griefing, and his earlier positive experience on griefing Children of Athena.

Destroying pulque's hand during grief of DC

As a member of the Chadlets, GlaceonGuy destroyed a major number of buildings in their 17 January 2021 griefing spree, including the destruction of Dick Cheese's main base using coordinates provided by Micolash, who had been soft-ostracized from the faction in part for her continued friendship with GlaceonGuy after his rejection.

Events with Jmen

On Christmas Eve 2020, Jmen_09 had the idea of throwing a party for former members and allies of his now-dead group Ordo. After discussing this with GlaceonGuy, Glaceon was not sure that so many of the inactive Ordo players would log in, thinking it could lead to a rather lacklustre party. Instead, Glaceon recommended they join forces and throw a party for all trusted members of the community. They would invite members from Chadlets, Dung Beetles, DC, Ordo, Aotus and Invicta for their first event, named the Ordo Christmas Special Deluxe. The event was a huge success, with around 20 players being online in the nearspawn area at once. This would encourage Jmen and Glaceon to run further events - their Summer Fyba Festival was their most popular, with a total turnout of roughly 50 players showing up from 8 different groups over the period the event ran for.

After this, they would run their Anti-Pumpkin Party in October, named as a way to aggravate members of Pumpkin Legion. This seemed to work, as the members promised that they would spend the day searching for the event to raid it. This gave Glaceon an idea. He asked a favour from his friend, JohnFknKetamine, and set a plan in motion which would involve John "leaking" the event's coordinates to Pumpkin Legion. Glaceon wrote up a fake message stating that the coordinates were close to the corner of the world, and stating that at 8PM, they would burn statues of Pumpkin Legion, in order to ensure more of their time was wasted. When Pumpkin arrived at the promised coordinates, they were met with disappointment - and, when asking John what happened, John pretended to have made a mistake when sending the coordinates, and said that the real coordinates were in the opposite axis. Pumpkin members then flew across the entire world for a second time - to find nothing.

Jmen and Glaceon ran another Christmas event in 2021, which was also an enjoyable success. They plan to continue their line of seasonal events, to ensure that the server's community is able to have genuine interactions at least a couple of times a year.

Chadlet activity

Fucklers Creek

After welcoming Micolash to the Chadlets, GlaceonGuy continued his typical activities - construction of their base, Fuckler's Creek, basehunting and insiding, and shittalking in chat. He built a replica of the Thousand Sunny from One Piece at Fuckler's Creek, which is the only build on the server that he didn't give up and half ass at one point during construction.

Chadlets would take a break from griefing for a period of time, as after their grief on NSO in November, and subsequent raiding spree in January, there were not a whole lot of well-built bases remaining. In May of 2021, after spending several months working on the base, GlaceonGuy decided to take action and acquire more bases for the Chadlets to grief. He pretended to leave the group, and paraded himself across the server as an open agent, which would result in him being invited to join "The Deliverance" by former NSO member Doomgaurd, a group led by Pachie. While there, he had an idea - he asked the group's members if they would be open to the idea of him insiding another group, MFE, and as they were open to it he shot his shot and was invited to the second group. This, of course, resulted in both group's bases being griefed by the Chadlets, as shown in this video.

Glaceon also helped signifigantly during the Chadlet-Invicta partnership of the Netherite Beacon Hunt. Glaceon helped to fly out to several locations searching for the books, until the fourth book was found by Soosh. Glaceon then helped to trade from his own head collection for Purity 2nd Anniversary cakes to trade Atromis for the third book, and located a near endspawn shulker, then helped Soosh transport it into the overworld to trade with Melwin22 for the second book. This resulted in a terrifying experience as the shulker did an oopsie when it came through to the overworld and ended up on an overworld highway from 0,0. Glaceon rowed the shulker alone down the highway for 800 blocks, praying to every god he could think of that nobody would turn up and ruin the operation. Luckily, it wasn't long before the other alliance members could join him and help transport the shulker to Melwin.

Mossad post-grief

GlaceonGuy continued to help the Chadlets get base coordinates and grief bases, enjoying the familiar whines of Chadlets being a dead faction by the people whose bases were griefed by them days prior. Guess they got griefed by ghosts? The most important grief in the 2021 series was that of Mossad, a Rakovan base inhabited by not only Rakovan but also members of Pumpkin Legion and NSO. Chadlets invited members of Dung Beetles, their only allied faction, to the grief, leading to a very thorough revenge grief for many DB members who had been griefed by NSO and Pumpkin Legion months prior.

Youtube channel and content creation

After making the video of the griefs on Deliverance and MFE to test his editing skills, GlaceonGuy decided to attempt to cover the history of Purity Vanilla with his videos. This has led to a reasonable level of success throughout the community, though quite a few strides are still required to be made before his videos can be objectively termed "good". The channel can be found here.

Final Thoughts

So far, essentially every player who has tried to beef with GlaceonGuy has gotten their comeuppance. The list of bases, factions, and players lying slain in his wake is long and consistent. If one gets into a tangle with him, losing a base or an argument, one is strongly advised to simply say GG and move on, rather than share the same fate.

Please note: Although I (Glaceon) am keeping this wiki updated, the main body of text was originally written by RobertDonald. If it comes off as egotistical, please keep in mind that I did not write it.