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Gardenia was a faction founded on August 3rd 2020 by warlok666999 that PvP's at spawn and builds their base: The Garden



Gardenia was founded by warlok666999 on August 3rd, 2020 a few weeks after Zenith fell. The group started as just ex-Zenith members such as Gaxxor, GrandmaPepe, hephanie, and Historio. But after a few weeks at a temp base they started expanding to also include ex-Vortex members, and entirely new members such as PanickJack, Cat_Muncher, and Earth2Brandon.

Name Change Mania

One thing Gardenia gets memed on a lot for is how many name changes they've made. At first the group went unnamed, then they went under the name Witherbusters for a week, then they settled on Hydra. After a few weeks they discovered there was a long dead group that was also called Hydra so warlok renamed it to some weird Spanish thing which pissed off everyone, so they decided to vote on a new name. Some popular candidates were The Garden, Gardenia, and Holland. Eventually the cringiest name of them all won and they have stuck with it since because no one can be bothered to come up with a better name.

Spawn Fights

Gardenia is split into two main departments: Buildfags and Spawnfags. The spawnfags mostly spend their time at spawn fighting the other PvP groups and Johnayy. During this time Gardenia was able to establish itself as a decent PvP force. They also started getting involved in trading a lot after mysteriously growing rich overnight.

The Dupe Scandal

On October 7th, 2020, 8 of the 16 members of Gardenia were banned in a mass banning by Ras, Boone, and other staff members. The staff explained in server chat that they had been intentionally crashing the server on a nightly basis to dupe using the server's rollback system, which was extremely not allowed, as well as ruining the server experience for literally everyone else on at the time.

This greatly upset the vanilla Gardenia players who weren't associated with this for obvious reasons. Some would move in with their close ally DC while others like Warlok and Historio left Purity entirely after the incident.The banned members were GrandmaPepe, viper69420, Wences, Earth2Brandin, PanickJack, Royal_116, Genasin, and eulogysinger, though he was unbanned after evidence was found of him not being involved in the dupe.

The Garden

The main base of Gardenia is a themeless mashup of whatever the buildfags feels inspired to build that day, though the base generally tends to stay more to the medieval side, except for the oriental area in the mountains built by Earth2Brandon.

There is also 2 manual villager trading halls with a new auto trading hall currently being built by Historio. A little further away is a gold farm and gunpowder farm which supply the group with Xp, gold and gunpowder.

Gardenia is also home to the Speed Limit mapart and the Doomer mapart, built by GrandmaPepe and Earth2Brandon respectively.

The final notable build is the Dick Cheese embassy which was being built by part time members of the group Shexar and eulogysinger, up until they left the team.