Purity Wiki

"The End, a battleground in both trading and fighting. The dangers of traversing to this dimension of Purity don't come without their rewards and benefits- large cities packed with elytras and shulkers, a primary currency on the server, are certainly worth the effort."


Exclusively accessible through End Portals, the End dimension is a relatively late game location for the more established playerbase, requiring large amounts of Gunpowder and elytra to navigate.

The main island

The main end island, ravaged by lava casts, flooded and a high density floating behemoth of destruction serves as a suitable summary for what a player may expect in this dimension. The island, accompanied by an entourage of hundreds of bridges spreading over thousands of blocks to the outer rim of islands, serves as a landmark for many players as they set out to raid cities and attain the resources that the end possesses, or die trying.

The main island is often deserted, but is occasionally used for high-volume obsidian farms running on the entrance portal, the farming of dragon tears, and related PvP battles often including bedbombing. Rarely, the entrance to the End is blocked by PvPers demanding taxation; the last major instance of this was during the most recent end expansion.

End Pearl farms

An abundance of abandoned ender pearl farms litter the nearby vicinity, a remnant of Purity when semi-public farms would shoot out up to 4 shulkers of end pearls per 10 minutes. These farms, often hidden from the public eye nowerdays are very close and easily accessible from spawn, however due to their locations, either extremely high or at Y0, are often missed by the inexperienced raider on their way to the outer layers.

Infrastructure and Highways

Surprisingly enough, the end has some forms of infrastructure created to make travel easier. Ice highways, often at 200+ Y, start out a few hundred blocks away from the main island and stretch out for tens of thousands of blocks. Similiar to the nether highways, they can be easily traversed by boat. However, as such highways are typically produced by oceanmaker->frostwalker machines creating frosted ice, they frequently are replaced by mere unfrosted waterways in the sky due to the water transformation cascade effect.

Cobblestone highways exist along the axis, with +Z and -Z highways at Y=100, X=0, built by RobertD in summer 2020 via lavabucket flying machines, stretching tens of thousands of blocks to the north and south. Additionally, there is a +X highway immediately visible from the end portal entrance--this is not advised for finding elytra on foot, due to its frequent use by new players who take the first path seen.

End Expansion

The End originally featured a world border at 32k, later expanded to 64k. On 23 January 2021, Penguin expanded the end world border to +-128k. As /faq is not frequently updated, many players still presume the end is 64k x 64k.