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Like most groups, Eden had a small start. Wedgo, the founder, had ascertained a prime location and began to build the base, roughly 200k from spawn.

Wedgo was kicked from the grey for an accidental grief of a base, then he told his base idea to JustAnotherSheep (one of the oceanmakers), and both decided to start building it; soon Weiss, a friend of Wedgo joined the team as the main builder.

A few days before he left purity, JustAnotherSheep invited a brand new player to the group, Cicada, who took the role of redstoner, and built some farms near the main island, after some days, and a lot of travels from spawn, Cicada brought stasis machine technology to the group, being one of the first known implementations on the whole server.

Some weeks later, SimplyBac and DragonSpectral joined the roster, with Bac becoming one of the brains of the group, and Spectral a high level builder.

After some weeks of building farms for the base, Cicada felt like the spirit of Kevin was slowly dying, since most of the players where inactive and he was alone at the base for most of the time. He thought that some new members could help revive its glory, and he decided to invite Zorzk and Medusa to the group, both new players to the server. Not yet realising how much of a mistake this move was.

Zorzk quickly became a very important member to the group, who built many top tier farms, which boosted a lot the group's economy, and Medusa helped build the main island, using insane amounts of sea lanterns and glowstone on its process.

The Nether War

The habitants of Kevin were accidentaly involved in the big Nether War, due to the alliance they had with the Empire, being PinkHatPonpo a member of it, and Cicada its Embassor.

After the grief of Danzig and El Cubado (Main Empire bases), the leader of the empire, ItzFreaks took refugee in the island of Kevin. That same night, Kevin was griefed by Tarqshark and OjOrangeJuice, being caught by ItzFreaks, who gave the alarm to the other members. The raid of Kevin brought a lot of confusion to the group, since they had no idea about how its coords got leaked. At first, they blamed Zorzk, and decided to move far away to start a new base, Kevin II.

Kevin II

A gold farm was built in Kevin II in 3.5 hours, and everything looked well, till one week after its creation, it was griefed again.

At that moment, the members of Kevin knew that the leaker of Kevin I was not Zorzk, and it confirmed the suspicious they had against Medusa. A few hours later, Medusa was confirmed as being Tarqshark's alt/sister, and he/she was banned from the group for leaking and griefing Kevin I and II.

Odyssey Grief

Some days later, Cicada was invited by ItzFreaks to the grief of Odyssey, main base of the Chadlets, which ended with some members of the empire banned, and the end of the big Nether War

Kevin III

After apologizing to Zorsk for that big mistake, he was accepted again as a member of Eden, and the group moved once again to a new place to start a new (and hopefully definitive) base, wich was named Kevin III. After all those tragic events, the group was more united than ever, and Weiss was elected as the leader of the group. There is little information about Kevin III, but the rumours says that they have almost all the farms available in minecraft, hidden under a big unknown construction, only visible for those people with teleportation abilities. Kevin III's gold farm was also famously built over a guardian farm within the span of a few hours.

Kevin Seven and Recruitment Phase

After Kevin 3 was established, an initiative to recruit more members and expand into more bases started. Players such as Mark and Bella__Terra from the faction VEX as well as Blackshoul, Zordal and Shroanie, were all taken under Eden's wing and coexisted in the Kevin 7 recruitment base until its untimely compromise. As a result of Kevin 7 being compromised, Wedgo was kicked out of Eden and Shroanie left.

The remaining members of Eden grew ever the more close from the event, welcoming Blackshoul, Mark, Bella Terra, and Zordal into the core members. Eden continued on expansion full speed, and began what became their biggest base yet.

Kevin 7 would later on be used by the short lived faction BB led by Wedgo and eventually raided by the Chadlets.

Kevin Prime

Kevin Prime began construction immediately after the abandoning of Kevin 7. The inspiration came from O'Neill cylinder sci-fi colonies and construction of the obsidian tube required hundreds of shulkers of obsidian fueled by as many as 3 separate Obsidian Farms in Eden's posession. The interior of the tube was built by Bella, along with complimenting temples and buildings by Spectral and Weiss. Led by Black, the redstoners built numerous amounts of farms in a matter of weeks. Later on, Eden would invite NSO member Wrongo_ to Kevin Prime where he led the building of the fastest gunpowder duper in Purity existence, at a rate of 5 shulkers of GP an hour.

Kevin Prime would later fall and its farms were self griefed, scattering the members of Eden until they rebanded to execute a second raid on the group EXO.

Current Activity

Eden members are currently in the process of carrying out multiple spawn projects and griefs, however still attempting to start engagements in chat with Chadlets. Little is known regarding what they do apart from this however. Current relations include being allied with Rakovan and sworn enemies of the Chadlets. As for the rest of the server the group remains neutral.