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Ectoplasm89 is a player on Purity Vanilla, notably seen in a Johnayy video attempting to grief the netherhub and subsequently being blown up.

He can't PvP at all, dealing with encounters by running or logging out.

May 2020: Beginnings

Ectoplasm started playing on the server in May of 2020, taking two days to escape spawn for the first time. Upon escaping, he was almost immediately killed by a skeleton after gaining some basic tools from a nearby forest.

He subsequently made his way back to the place he died at, creating another set of tools. He then decided to explore a nearby base, which he raided after finding out it had 8 diamonds in it.

Upon exiting the base, he was almost immediately greeted by the base's owner, Woketoast. Despite the latter claiming he was friendly, Ectoplasm ran away.

Ectoplasm spent the next few days running around the shore and raiding bases, gaining enough diamonds to make diamond armor. He then travelled by nether to a location around 50K blocks away from spawn, where he set up a base.

He eventually grew bored with his isolated base, being unable to progress due to lacking the resources needed to get enchantments or stronger gear. Upon creating his first enderchest, he stored his valuables and died, returning to spawn.

May 2020: Starting Over

During his second stay in spawn, Ectoplasm was lured and subsequently backstabbed by a player called "ymse". He attempted to get revenge using a diamond sword, but was scared away after ymse revealed he had a bow.

Upon escaping, Ectoplasm wandered around until he eventually came across some villagers. Deciding to set up a villager trading hall, he kidnapped them using boats and carted them around.

However, he ended up forgetting where the villagers were during a trip to the shore. To replace them, he captured 90% of another nearby village's population and brought them to an island that he would soon construct a base on.

June - August 2020: Settling Down

In his new base, Ectoplasm bred the villagers he had captured and forced them to work as librarians in a crude trading hall he had made. Amassing a large amount of enchantments, Ectoplasm built a sugarcane farm to trade for emeralds.

Eventually going back to spawn and finding a player named Twistedpuppet64, Ectoplasm dragged the latter over to his base and made them farm crops for him (although this didn't last long).

Now emboldened and equipped with fully enchanted diamond armor, Ectoplasm ventured back to spawn. He subsequently learned how powerful end crystals were the hard way, shattering whatever confidence he previously had.

He later travelled out with Twistedpuppet64 to set up a spawnbase for fun, overlapping a decrepit crop farm to make a hotel out of dirt. Although they got a few visitors, Ecto and Twisted were scared off after Grandmapepe showed up and threatened them.

Desiring shulker boxes, Ectoplasm then went to the end with a voting elytra for around 3 days. During this time, he amassed a large amount of shulker shells.

Following this, Ectoplasm would develop an obsession with destroying the netherhub. Over the course of the mining, Ectoplasm amassed 30-ish stacks of obsidian (which he wasted on building a giant platform of obsidian above the center of the overworld).

He would later give up after coming back to find the netherhub had been completely rebuilt, undoing weeks of mining.

August - December 2020: Moving Out

Having grown restless after realizing how close to spawn his base was, Ectoplasm made the decision to move out to 400K blocks rather than 30K blocks. Dragging Twistedpuppet64 with him, he went into the nether and walked for a total of 1 week.

During this journey, they completely forgot the highways existed. As a result, they slowly inched along the nether floor by foot and strider.

Upon making it to their destination in the overworld, Ectoplasm abducted several villagers from another village he had found and carried them to their new base site. He then set a goal of making their (underground) base unreasonably large, with the ensuing mining being so boring that Twistedpuppet64 quit.

Eventually realizing that mining out the base without help would take too long, Ectoplasm decided to go back to spawn and hunt withers to access haste II.

December 2020: Wither Hunt

Remembering that he had an elytra, Ectoplasm flew through the nether and back to spawn in about 2 days. Upon arriving, he tracked down several withers and killed them for their stars.

However, he accidentally stumbled upon a bait room that had been created by server staff to catch ESP hackers. He was temporarily banned as a result, although he was unbanned after proving he was innocent.

Returning back to his base, Ectoplasm spent the last of 2020 either mining or expanding his new trading hall. Setting up one of his six beacons from the Wither hunt, he mined out a large chunk of the base's ceiling but then got lazy and gave up.

January - March 2021: Stocking Up

Having amassed dozens of villagers, Ectoplasm's OCD motivated him to make 27 fully enchanted suits of armor and tools. This ended up taking several months, during which 2 stacks of golden apples, 32-ish anvils, over 10,000 emeralds, several hundred bookshelves, and countless experience bottles worth of EXP were used up.

Now equipped with more gear than he needed, Ecto left his base.

April - June 2021: Misadventures

Uncertain of what to do, Ectoplasm travelled around the map for several weeks. During this time, he "allied" with MSLucifer and obtained coordinates to a pillager outpost from them.

After using the outpost to obtain enough totems to keep himself alive for more than 10 minutes, Ectoplasm went to spawn. Upon arriving, he attempted to destroy the netherhub again (but quickly gave up).

He then attempted to set up a town at 400 -400, relentlessly advertising it in chat. He would soon regret this broadcasting, losing control of the town after someone showed up and crystalled him. The town's structures were then destroyed to make way for Bong Town, rendering all of Ecto's efforts futile.

Following the town disaster, Ecto tried building a watercube around central spawn. He quickly gave up after realizing construction of watercubes was controversial and potentially bannable.

Aimless and having lost 60% of his resources during his failed projects, Ecto came to Pog Town in search of company that was too weak to kill him. He then spent several weeks doing practically nothing there, occasionally getting into arguments with the other players due to his suspicious use of invisibility potions and end crystals.

Eventually growing bored after most of Pog Town's other denisens moved on, Ecto packed up his gear and left.

July - September 2021: Returning Home

Wanting to return home after remembering why he had left spawn in the first place, Ectoplasm stocked up on rockets and began the trek back to his base.

Towards the end of his journey, he stumbled across a poorly hidden portal that led to an Obsidian Reactor farm. Excited by his discovery, Ecto attempted to activate the machine.

This attempt resulted in the destruction of the reactor, cratering of the nearby landscape and wildlife, the release of the farm's withers, and lasting tensions with Ribitson (the reactor's creator). Ectoplasm then continued his flight home, missing the rest of Ribitson's base only a few thousand blocks away.

Finally making his way home, Ectoplasm spent several weeks remodeling it. This included replacing every surface with stone bricks, expanding the storage area, and removing all of the left-over stone from mining.