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Dungmark was founded September 2019 by erc and the other initial Dung Beetles members, shortly after the first seed change. Dungmark was the long-term home of the Dung Beetles. Due to the increased dangers stemming from 1.16 nether and Seed 3, the Dung Beetles moved on to other sites in late 2020, with the last major build being Bousiers, by Dandy, finished November 2020. A minor grief was executed by RobertDonald in February 2021, burning the mapart hall and editing some maparts, followed by a major grief of most existing buildings by NSO in June 2021.

A world download, taken by RobertDonald in early 2021, can be found here: https://mega.nz/file/m5lwyBpC#V-YHb5YoHtW69CwerknqNX319DoiIP1fEQ7gQP_4qIU

Sand Town: Sudan

Dungmark-wdlsp (4).png
Dungmark-wdlsp (3).png

The origins of the base was a town in the desert biome, whose nickname was later proposed as "Sudan." This contained important facilities such as storage, gold farm, and trading hall, as well the mapart hall withered by RobertD. Epic builds included mosques and statues.

Cathedral Town: Rosen

A medieval town centered around an airy gothic cathedral, built early in the history of the base.

Musee Belgique


A beautiful neoclassical museum by Rhonor. All significant valuables were removed by Rhonor in mid-2020 in anticipation of possible future raids.

The farm pit: The Hole

Largely worked on by Snakob and Tesco, this contained valuable and aesthetically pleasing farms including iron, gunpowder, general mobs, wool, honey, sugar, and so forth. Many of the farms were optimized around the 1.13 patch, and may not work well in current times.

Maparts 1: Fortnite Valley


Adjacent to the farm pit, this contains early Dung Beetles maparts, including the DB logo, Walter the meme doge, and b1tlet maparts mildly disrespected by RobertD. Given the limited space here, later maparts were placed elsewhere, in the ocean to the south.

Chateau Bousiers / Bowserville

Dungmark-wdlsp (1).png
Dungmark-wdlsp (2).png

Chateau Bousiers was an epic fantasy castle on a shattered savanna, started at the beginning of 2020 and finished towards the end of 2020 as one of the last builds worked on in the base. It was built solely by TheDanishDreams. Bowserville, overlooked by the castle, was a fantasy village with a common building style worked on by many Dung Beetles members.

Maparts 2: Mapart Ocean


Contains later DB maparts, many of them of larger size, such as Ove's 3x2 Kaga and Ikagi. This includes erc's epic DOOM mapart, used to send Empire on a wild goose chase, later used in the artwork "You erase my maps, I erase your maps".

The Cliffside Base: Here lies Sazoil

A cliffside base overlooking a beautiful view of a savanna, used by Llamamata and featuring the grave of Sazoil.

Outlying farms

Dungmark featured highly decorated farms in general, including the ziggurat, a desert pyramid housing slime and wood farms, the guardian farm, a pyramid in the style of aboriginal Central America, hovering over the ocean, and the raid farm, a basic attractor/chute farm decorated in a rustic log cabin style.

Final Thoughts

Dungmark lasted the longest of any major second seed base, almost a year past the summer 2020 switch to 1.16 and third seed, despite being several thousand blocks wide in each direction and featuring massive builds. Some of this may be down to people simply being unwilling to participate in the destruction of extremely beautiful builds, and some is likely due to its remote location, more than three hundred thousand blocks from the axis and more than four hundred thousand blocks in its furthest axis. But most Dung Beetles members believe the largest factor at play is sheer luck.