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Dumpster Dogs was one of the most controversial teams during it's hay day on Purity Vanilla, having conducted The Glassing of Black Mod and being notorious for killing some of the most respected players on the server. This is their story.


Who Is That Underneath My Farm?

StarBaron joined the server for the first time as a greyfag in early April. After making his way out of the four walls that the swampy Spawn was enclosed in, he soon came across two geared players managing a wheat farm, nestled between the swamp and neighboring dark oak biome. Their names were Isaac_Palmarez and TheMysticMungus.

Following his greyfag instincts, Baron built a hole underneath the two's storage chests so that he could occasionally steal from their labor. However, his plan didn't last for long, as TheMysticMungus discovered Baron in his most primitive state, helpless, and starving in his burrow. With grace, Mungus nurtured him as his own greyfag baby, and the three players would work together for the next few days to build and maintain what was commonly known during Purity's early days as Community Farm. It was in this sanctuary that was the birthplace of a long-lasting fellowship between StarBaron and TheMysticMungus.

If, at First, You Don't Succeed...

After constant griefing of Community Farm, the three players split. Together, Baron and Mungus left with what they could salvage. The two players shared the same interest in building something communal for the 2 week-old server. However, they very soon realized it would be an unforgiving path after each farm they created near spawn was griefed just the same. 

These were troublesome times for the duo, barely having enough resources to piece together diamond gear, let alone being able to defend themselves from bloodthirsty players. Through thick and thin, they did not give up. The two players came to a final decision, and that was to embark on a long journey out from spawn so that they may build in untraversed lands, hoping that one day they may revisit Community Farm and defend it from the evil tyrants of Purity.

Their treacherous 2-hour nomadic journey consisted of cancerous server chat and cow genocide. Eventually, they found themselves at a beach village, and it was here that they would call their new home. The tropical beach village gave them the shelter and isolation necessary to get back up on their feet. They even invited Kelby along to help till and fertilize the crops! (Thx for the help Kelby :D) The three spent their days here remodeling the village houses, gathering minerals from the earth, and cultivating food from their crops. However, Baron soon discovered [REDACTED] near their peaceful beach village, altering the course of their future forever.

Bienvenido El Gato Bandido

Soon after the donor-chat channel was made in the Purity discord around mid-April, talks of creating a donor city begun. Baron and Mungus, being freshly new donors, were one of the first to act on it since it was a great opportunity to build something communal at a large scale(something they had been looking to do since the beginning).

The two agreed to establish the donor city at Baron's previously found [REDACTED] and so they abandoned the tropical beach village, along with Kelby :(, to construct the unholiest city people have ever seen. Very soon after, they posted cords on the donor-chat channel so that other donors could assist in building the city. However, only one particular player would ever be dumb enough to make his way to the city to help a couple roleplayers, and that player was surprisingly the merciless DouuG1.

DouuG1 seemed foreign to the duo, having so much gear it put them to shame. The two were happy enough to have a helper though, as it quickly became clear that no one else was willing to join the construction of the donor city. However, StarBaron quickly grew envious of DouuG1's arsenal and thereafter he begun his own mass looting campaign of the End's cities.

During this period, the building crew begun recruiting the absolute best of the best. Chaddest of the Chads. TheSaxMaster joined PV for the first time and Baron was quickly attracted to his name. They contemplated jazz for 3 minutes and Sax was invited to join the group of delinquents, no questions asked.

Lilsnoozer was bitching and moaning about being bored so Mungus invited him to join, and so he did literally nothing to contribute to the group for the next week before quitting the game altogether (he also frequently posted his kush snaps on discord, what a chad).

Greed Is a Bottomless Pit

Soon after Douug1's loss to the infamous Tyteus, he discovered the villain's base location in his search for vengeance. The group of five planned a long expedition by foot through the nether to take down the biggest threat to the servers people. Sadly enough, the squad did not get the chance to fight Tyteus as he was permabanned for multiple accounts of cheating and an attempt to frame another player by the name of Braqey for cheating. Despite this, the rising group took great pride in dismantling the villain's lair.

However, with the fall of the rampaging Tyteus marking an end of the first era of Purity Vanilla, StarBaron and Douug1 were influenced by the cheaters' dark power and together they took his place as the evil force of the server. The two players were beyond the richest people on the server and were guided by greed. They took to Spawn to kill some of the most respected players on the server, such as GaGamba and Subashin (who quit after he was smitten by StarBaron).

The two wanted something bigger, a chance to show the server that their group was to be feared. StarBaron made a trade with Braqey that would ultimately change the future of Braq's team (a nameless group formed by Richeatue) forever. They met in the nether at an undisclosed location to complete the trade and StarBaron found a hidden tunnel that Braqey used to navigate. It was this tunnel that led StarBaron straight to a portal that revealed to him exactly what he was looking for. A chance to raid the largest group in Purity Vanilla. Thus begun the Glassing of Black Mod.

The Glassing of Black Mod

May 14th of 2019, the set date of the Glassing. With exterior factors such as Richeatue allegedly disconnecting at spawn to avoid being slain by StarBaron, the group had received enough motivation to carry out the action of slaying the headquarters of Black Mod. (Who wasn't a mod at the time.) Utilizing the aforementioned method of tracking down Rich's base, StarBaron and Douug proceeded to fly towards the target with malevolent intent, while most, if not all base members were offline. Several methods were used to effectively destroy the monstrously sized base, including TNT, fire, and the signature lavacasts that reached up to build height. After StarBaron and Douug had completed their work, images were posted in the Discord of the desolate Black Mod Base. The deed of destroying Rich's base had been carried out successfully.

Following the death of the base, several of Rich's basemates decided to part ways with him, as he took on the role of a spawnfag hermit following the events. (He also took a few weeks hiatus at the time.) In a shadow operation, a majority of the base members had moved in with Erebus Core, residing over at Thanos Sex Farm as temporary refugees. Though, this would not last for long, as one of the refugees would end up selling out the location of the homestead, resulting in the destruction of the farm in addition to Fortnite Poo Poo Tower. Both Braqey and SpaceCrane had become inactive for the most part after the second griefing had occured, with nuns moving out and starting the Hive.

To this very day, the destroyed base lingers on the server as a memoir to the devastation that had occurred on May 14th, a skeletal remain of Black Mod.

The Grief of Monkey Island

On 12 July 2019 at approximately 11:00 GMT-4, DouuG1, seiyadragon and iCodeViper griefed Monkey Island. The grief was in response to Douug's banishment and theft of his materials during the move from New Haven, as well as the Cartel's lust to grief a well-known base. Actzol tried to fight back but realized fighting 3 people with a riptide trident doesn't really work out. The Dumpster Dogs fled to form a new base, Kongo Bongo, which while built, was left behind after the dissolution of Dumpster Dogs.