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DragonSpectral, or Spec, is one of Purity Vanilla's most notorious villains according to Dvine but one of the server's most guileless divas according to Bella Terra. In actuality Spec is a leading founder of Eden, and one of its core builders, being the designer behind Kevin III, the Eden banner, and the Eden Mapart. Despite being a member of Eden through and through, one of the wealthiest factions, he chooses to live humbly off his barebones echest contents.


Spectral was invited onto Purity Vanilla and onto the Kevin Island by Simplybac, and immediately met players such as Wedgo, Cicada, Zorsk, ItzFreaks and Pinkhatponpo during their shortlived stay at Kevin 1.

The Founding of Eden

After the grief of Kevin I, Spec began building Kevin II with the other players but that soon met its demise as well. Having experienced his first two griefed homes, Spec, along with the other Kevin inhabitants, formed Eden.

Kevin III

Spectral and Weiss became the lead designers and builders of Kevin III, the longest lasting Eden base and initiating Eden's building reputation. At Kevin III, Spectral, unhappy with available tree farms, designed and built his own.

Kevin Prime

After the recruitment phase of Eden and the abandonment of Kevin 7, Spectral and Bella Terra began designing and envisioning what would become the massive base of Kevin Prime, starting the first close friendship Bella Terra's cold heart ever had (IM KIDDING BELLA). Due to the massive wealth and farming capabilities of Eden, Spec was able to plot out a gigantic tube made out of obsidian that spanned horizons, inside of which, Kevin Prime was built. At Kevin Prime, Spec befriended Wrongo_ and along with other Eden members, helped build Wrongo's Gunpowder Farm

Beyond Kevin and Prime, Spec has builds in many other places on Purity as well as many other Eden bases, and has made multiple maparts.

He has cameoed at griefs of many famous bases of Purity.


"Bella is a guy."

"im poor enough to fit everything in my echest"