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DC is a faction founded by W3Know and cat_muncher, a pair who are inactive due to realising that simping women and children on the internet isn't as fruitful as they thought. They are well-known for being extremely immoral and very very bad, and their intense hatred for British people.

Slaves and the Depraved

Through unknown means, cat and W3Know had managed to enslave ZaneXL (known for his awful coloured nickname Zane please change this it makes me so uncomfortable) and thanosisnotuwu (CookieCarl's best friend) at spawn, and forced them to mine obby. However, ignoring the typical code of not being friends with your slaves, they decided to take these two degenerates on board their genitalia-themed faction, just to see what would happen.

After a time, Elkritch was also invited to join DC, due to W3 being the world's largest simp and going all AWOOGA AWOOGA every time a female player spoke in chat. For this same reason, W3 spared shexar at spawn, and instead invited her to the group as well. eulogysinger and shex had a mighty competition trying to get themselves simped up the ranks for unknown (probably retarded) reasons. This race bore fruit when Elkritch bought gold rank for shexar, and not too long after when MicolashNoPants simped for eulo in the same fashion. Around this time TheBlob543 had dm'd several DC members on discord that he had their coords and would leak them unless Elkritch did a nude camshow (spooky foreshadowing), forcing the group to move amidst the disappearance of several shulkers of gear and items. It later came that Elk had left and went inactive.

Vesta, Elkritch's base she built for DC.


After being a fag in vc or something, cat_mucher was persuaded to let eulo join the group and helped build up the DC main base (Note: Cat did not know that eulo was a disgusting korea stan, as if he did he would have made the right choice to not invite him to the faction).

Simping don't stop

For unknown and probably very creepy reasons, shexar and eulo kept getting simped ranks.warlok666999 simped shex, hazjosh simped eulo, until King Creepy Simp himself showed up, eggrollsbro. When horny Taiwanese man eggrollsbro was simping for shexar, he discovered that thanos was also a disgusting putrid femoid, and in his unbridled coomer state he bought both shex and thanos ultimate, in exchange for them telling him their cupsize. this was after he was repeatedly warned by both zane and eulo that she was, in fact, underaged and that everyone was becoming uncomfortable. eggrolls did not heed these warnings, and subsequently proved that in fact China is #1 and that Taiwan is an illegitimate state that will in time be wiped from the history books.

2020-08-03 01.48.44.png

Unfortunately, Eulo lost the long-time autism competition between himself and shexar when penguin simped shexar to trial mod, and eventually full mod status. eulogysinger had this to say on the matter; "bad idea btw i told you all so". At this time eulo started being an abominable BTS stan, renaming his account to kimyojung124 for the month of August and forever sullying his already pretty gay and retarded name.

Eulo fucks up again


In mid-august 2020, eulogysinger was streaming his big chungus statue on the creative server (complete with big chungus dick and big chungus coom), when the server suddenly reset. Without thinking, eulo relogged, entering main server with his base coords immediately appearing in the upper-left minimap. Although eulo thought this was safe, as EJ was working on the big chungus statue with Eulo and not watching the stream, ItzFreaks was in the call on an alt (surprising nobody) and gave the coords to his loser friends in NSO (Empire but somehow more smooth brained). NSO raided the base but only griefed 10% of it, because they're a bunch of brain-damaged mongoloids who probably don't know the recipe for TNT. Three months of hard building was undone by one moment of incompetence, which can only be pinned down to the fact that Eulo is half white, therefore making him half cringe. Thus, purity learned a valuable lesson: Do not trust Asian people, especially the ones that like K-Pop.

Current activity


DC has not disbanded like a bunch of spastics in server chat seem to think. Eulo took charge as the new leader of DC, as after this even cat decided to leave the server for a time. Zane took the role of second-in-command, as DC members have managed to convince themselves that they are a navy and have ran off to play pirates somewhere. Shexar left the faction after false-banning AcneChrist for doxxing. Due to their dwindling numbers, several close friends of the group such as gamer and Micolash w

ere invited to join the group officially, and are now supposedly building a city (playing pirates arr). Eulogysinger was asked to write an article for DC as a faction due to rhonor's cracking down on wiki order and activity, a task which he immediately offloaded to GlaceonGuy due to being a lazy asian retard.

DC members can currently be considered some of the most depraved players on the server, enlisting immoral hackers, known scammers, and disgusting badmins throughout their ranks. God only knows what horrific events lie in wait for purity vanilla whilst this malicious crew of degenerate scumbags roam the server.