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DC (Dick Cheese) is a faction currently headed by eulogysinger, originally founded by notorious oldfag pair W3Know and cat_muncher in March of 2020. Consisting of a 27 total members and associates, the group is well-known for being immoral hackers, having terrible overplayed jokes, and being comprised of a disproportionately large amount of women, homosexuals, and asians, which is surprising, given Purity Vanilla's history of misogyny, homophobia and racism.

DC is very closely allied with its sister faction DB, with the two groups sharing several members, resources, and having worked in close collaboration with each other for many projects on the server. DC has a lesser but still strong bond with allied faction Aotus, similarily sharing members with the group, as well as resources.


Having seen the rise and fall of countless factions throughout the first 11 months of Purity Vanilla's lifetime, duo cat_muncher and W3Know were fed up with the nature of groups on the server, and after floating between bases with friends coauthor and L33T, set out to create their own collective, a team that would not bow to the conventions of Purity's politics. Having been in so many groups with pretentious names and larpers who take their groups too seriously, the pair (inventively) decided to go against the norm and name themselves "Dick Cheese", abbreviated as DC.

Through unknown (and potentially illegal) means, they had managed to enslave greys ZaneXL and thanosisnotuwu at spawn, and forced them to mine obby. However, ignoring the typical code of conduct when it comes to slavery of not being friends with your slaves, they decided to take these two degenerates on board their genitalia-themed faction as members. After a time, Elkritch was also invited to join DC by W3, who had a penchant for taking pity for e-girls on the server. For this same reason, W3 spared grey shexar at spawn, and instead invited her to the group as well. Due to repeated incidents of bases being compromised, Elkritch was accused by the others of having leaked information relating to the locations of several bases, and after admitting guilt, left the faction.

Having lost two bases and one member, the group started fresh at a new location, and Cat took direction of the group due to lack of input from W3. After spending a couple of days in the Purity Public VC with Zane, Cat developed relationships with players eulogysinger and hazjosh, and after a group vote, they were accepted into faction, with Eulo leaving his former team, Yharnam. Following the grief of Le Epic, and leaning on a half promise Cat had made to him about giving him a home if he needed, oldfag kylesmile789 joined the group. This would mark the assembly of the original eight DC members.

Curse of the Chungus

For a brief period in time, the group enjoyed early success, developing their main base, and enjoying friendly relations with many members of the PV community through activities at spawn, and sessions in the Pub VC. Regular trading and socialising resulted in the majority of the group gaining ranks, with all members having prestige or ultimate in no time. During this time, Shexar joined the PV Staff Team.


In mid-august 2020, member Eulo was streaming a building session on PV's creative side server with EJ, building a statue of Big Chungus when the server suddenly reset. Without thinking, Eulo relogged, still on stream, entering the main server with his base coords immediately appearing in the upper-right minimap. Although he thought this was safe, as EJ was back working on the big chungus statue on the creative server and not watching the stream, ItzFreaks was in the call on an alt (surprising nobody) and gave the coords to NSO (successor faction to Empire). NSO hit the base the next day, blowing up and withering the main areas of the base, though much of the base was left unscathed due to the lack of preparation of the attack. Three months of hard building was undone by one moment of incompetence, which was attributed to the fact that Eulo is mixed race. Shortly after the raid was noticed, and having been provided the relevant evidence to do so, Shexar banned a member of the invading group, AcneChrist, for doxing. The provider of said evidence then proceeded to do a "take backsies", and the ban was immediately deemed false, and the purity community attributed to badmin. The group packed up what they could and left the immediate area.


Over the course of the successive few days, the base recieved a slew of visitors who, having seen the lackluster griefing job that NSO had done, decided to come and engage in a little bit of destruction themselves. Even notorious server chat troller griefyoudotexe, DC's most consistent critic at the time, showed up to give the bases's main castle a proper lavacsasting, though he nearly killed himself with one of his own withers. After being spotted by Kyle, he was chased down and eventually forced to log in the nether. However, being the gentleman that he was, he logged back in and provided Kyle with everything in his inventory that he would have lost if he had been killed, on the condition that he not take his head.

A Neighborly Bond

Following the destruction of their main base, the group was left with little left to lean on. At this time, W3 had all but left the group, and Cat had taken some time away from the group to make his own solo base, having told the rest of the team to set up the new location by themselves. Thanos, Zane, and Eulo undertook this task, proclaiming themselves the new leaders of the group in the absense of the founding duo (much to the disdain of W3). Shexar left the group to join Origin, a short lived faction headed by Ragsterinja.

Feeling somewhat responsible for the group's misfortune, Eulo offered to take DC to his original faction's base, Yharnam City, inhabited by players MicolashNoPants and 1PGamer. After coexisting for a short time at this base, the group decided to invite the two to join, and DC absorbed the pair. This base provided a brief respite for DC, allowing them to expand with the addition of Ch33tha, and several members of the group cultivated friendships with those from the group Gardenia. These relations eventually lead to Cat, Shexar and Eulo being invited to build an embassy for DC at their base 'The Garden'. Upon recieving coordinates to the base, they realised that Yharnam was a mere 3k blocks away in the nether from Gardenia, which promted mild panic from the group, however they did not notify Gardenia of this happenstance. For a while, the two groups enjoyed a fruitful alliance, building and calling together, until crisis struck- there had been an intruder at the base.


Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, GrandmaPepe thought it would be an amazing idea to deliberately stream and show off the base to player RobertDonald, who proceeded to pay the base a visit. Before long, Robert had been spotted at the base, and in a panic, Gardenia rushed to pack up their valuables and be gone. The plan was to take all valuables from the base, with the help of DC member Eulo, and leave to start a new base, ditching members in the process. When moving items, Eulo came across a set of double chests filled with player heads, surrounding an obsidian block, in the middle of a field not too far from the base's storage area. Not really thinking anything of it, he took the heads from the chests and took off with the exiting Gardenia members.

On October 7th, 2020, 8 of the 16 members of Gardenia were axed in a mass banning by Ras, Boone, and other staff members. The staff explained in server chat that they had been intentionally crashing the server on a nightly basis to dupe using the server's rollback system, which was extremely not allowed, as well as ruining the server experience for those playing at the time. The method they used? It pertained to the unassuming double chests of heads the Eulo had found at the base, and due to him having opened it, the staff team took him to be involved with the duping, and banned him along with GrandmaPepe, viper69420, Wences, Earth2Brandon, PanickJack, Royal_116, Genasin. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the Gardenia members that were banned were the ones that the group was planning on leaving behind when relocating to a new base. After almost a week long wait, and after the staff team had reviewed the evidence, Eulo was found not guilty and unbanned.


With Gardenia's reputation in absolute tatters, and after group votes on both teams, DC was to absorb the remaining members of the faction. Thus warlok666999, Gaxxor, hephanie and pulque_ joined the team, Historio was not active enough at the time to be accepted. Yharnam City's proximity to The Garden, which had since begun to be raided by scavangers hoping to find duped goods, meant that unfortunately, DC had to self grief the near six month old base. Given that a few of the banned players knew the location of the original new spot, they chose a new base location and travelled there, being joined by the rest of DC. At this point in time, Origin had died, and Shexar returned, bringing with her Ragsterinja, although he soon left.

Imposter Syndrome

Fnaf jesus1.png

With a sudden boost in members, the group went on to found another base, Brasil II, expanding their industry and building capabilities. In addition to taking on the Gardenia leftovers, new members were found in Caudimorda, ercercerc, _Tidepod, ohmymoogle and returning member coauthor. After a little while at Brazil, the group started to notice a little bit of suspicious behaviour from one of their members. Micolash had been friends with GlaceonGuy, member of griefing group the Chadlets, for a while, and after he was rejected from DC after three internal votes, both Mico and Glace started to harbor some ill feelings for the group. Sensing this, the rest of the group decided to start a new base in secret, Pickle City, where they set up the same infrastructure that Brasil II had, and the majority of the members relocated to the city. While some might see this as a rash move, it is important to note that GlaceonGuy had, by this point in time, built up a reputation for griefing, insiding, and obtaining coordinates for his enemies' bases in quite a successful fashion. Therefore, DC members knew that his friendship with Micolash would in all eventualities lead to the end of Brasil II.

Three months came to pass, and the predictions of said judgement day were realised:

Glaceon at dc.png

"On the night of 17/01/21, the Chadlets mobilized themselves against three major faction bases in one night. They would grief Eden's Kevin 7, then Rakovan's main base, before arriving at DC's Brasil II. Several members of the community theorised that, as Valhalla did the year before, the Chadlets would strike several bases starting at midnight on New Year's Eve. Knowing this, and knowing that Purity's overwhelming sense of communal paranoia would result in more hidden shulkers than normal, the group decided to hold off on the event until a few weeks later, on a date that no one would suspect - the one-year anniversary of Chadlets being formalized as a faction."

"Stasising between bases, they had finished griefing in just over three hours, with several dozen stolen shulkers and an inane amount of GP borrowed from DC. This also culminated in bringing in a new member, MicolashNoPants, for leaking DC coords." - 'Raiding Spree', Chadlets Wiki Page

2021-01-18 02.41.28-dcgrief.png

The Chadlets hit hard and fast, the day before a temp map was set to happen, leaving Brasil in ruins, with no hope of saving it. The group focused most of their TNT and withers on the building island of the base, which mainly consisted of Pulque's builds, absolutely obliterating any and all structures in the area. This was devastating for the team's morale, because despite the base not being very old, they had spent a lot of time and effort on it.

As devastating as this was, DC was prepared for this to happen. The majority of valuables at the base had been relocated to Pickle City months prior, although they maintained prescense at Brasil II, keeping the highly efficient gunpowder farm running right up until the grief. Unfortunately this means that the Chadlets were able to profit immensely from hitting the base in terms of gunpowder, but the additional time spent running the farm in the meantime was overall worth it for DC.

Dreams and Nightmares


DC enjoyed a fruitful few months at Pickle City, managing to construct a blackstone castle consisting of 128 shulkers of blackstone, obtained through piglin bartering. Situated on a mushroom island, and containing several farms and amenities, the castle provided the group with a solid foundation to garner a decent stockpile of resources and equipment. Member Gaxxor opened a shop selling the profits of the bases's farms, most notably setting the selling price of wither skeleton skulls, which is still being followed to this day. The stable base allowed for the group to gain even more new players, taking on Aotus members bhon, myhomie and Oranges09. Eulo was promoted to staff during this time.

While this base was prosperous, as most stories on this godforsaken server go, it was never meant to last. Out of seemingly nowhere, the castle was attacked.

Logging on one fine day, DC member 1PGamer loaded in to utter chaos, with TNT and withers blowing up all around him. Immediately sounding the alarm, Gamer alerted the rest of the group to the raid, and begun scouting around for any attackers. After getting visual confirmation on one assailant, Exodonus, Gamer logged off, handing over the defense to faction co-leader ZaneXL, who chased him off. However, the damage was done, with the castle, village area, and farming areas nearby being blown up by the intruders. Unbeknownst to the group, approximately 30 minutes prior to their discovery and subsequent defense of the raid, moderator Eulo temp-banned player DangerMario for ESP, seemingly unconnected, but was later revealed to have been due to him and Exodonus mining to several stashes around the base. After reviewing evidence, Mario was unbanned, however Exodonus was temp-banned in his place.


This situation was entirely perplexing for the group, as the attackers were grey ranked, new players to the server, who came out of nowhere and obliterated their main base. However, the group moved on, and founded another base, loosely dubbed 'DC Main 2', attempting to recreate the infrastructure lost at Pickle City. Not even a month had passed at this base before they were again attacked by DangerMario, this time accompanied by player Frrost_Bite, then a part of the griefing faction ICP, Gaxxor was killed by Mario during this raid. The original grief by DangerMario and Exodonus on Pickle City was widely considered to have been due to the useage of a coordinate exploit, however in a YouTube interview with now-retired Purity content creator Apersu, Exodonus stated that the pair used their 'Griefing Instincts' to find the base.

Diversification and Going Underground

Following the repeated griefs incurred at the hands of DangerMario, the group was scattered, and decided to divide and conquer. The faction was essentially split down the middle, half of the team being lead by Caudimorda, the other half being lead by Coauthor, with Eulo overseeing both sides. During this time, both cells picked up new members.

The split was as such:

Caudimorda's Team Coauthor's team

Caudi's team based underground, whereas Coauthor's team were spread across three bases. Caudi's base was underground, and hence dubbed 'The Basement', it was home to refugees from Ordo and Erebus Core, as well as player zUn1. Coauthor's bases, the Oil Rig and the Peak of Refuge, were above ground, and both featured the basic farms and amenities of a functioning megabase. Members of his side were split between these two. A third base was planned to be constructed under Coauthor's lead, but when scouting for a location, he discovered a base, which he soon found out belonged to FencerDude05. Realising that he knew him from 2019, Coauthor messaged him on discord, and the two came to an agreement that the members of Coauthor's team (Cat, Eulo, Jug and Historio), who were at the time basing at the Oil Rig, would move in with Fencer instead, as he was in need of basemates at the time. Also to move in was fledgeling group Mystic, due to JohnFknKetamine's friendship with Cat. Through this friendship, DC learned that Mystic member DvineCraft, ex-Eden member, still had coordinates to three of their bases. The two teams went on to grief the bases.

The three parties came together and started the construction of farms at the base, until it was discovered by Pumpkin member Matxikadu. After a tense encounter with Eulo, he flew away, leaving the base crew in a state of panic. DC packed up and left, knowing that if it was found once, it would be found again, while Mystic and FencerDude stayed. The base was later demolished by the Chadlets upon finding it, as they had a disdain for Mystic. Coauthor's team decided to rejoin the others at the Peak of Refuge, where they remained for a while. The Oil Rig however, was discovered, monitored, and then griefed by the Pumpkin Legion, Frrost's new outfit. Construction of the base's builds had halted when the Mystic base was happening, and was never finished.


On Caudi's side of things, at The Basement, valuable farming and resource production had been keeping both groups afloat, with his team constructing a sprawling underground empire of basalt. EC members M1an and MojangIsAmazing contributed greatly to the base, after seeking refuge there, and were also able to bring themselves up to the living standard, as their gear and wealth was sorely outdated. Unfortunately, zUn1 was permanently banned while residing at this base, and from that point onwards the team was wary of the base's coordinates being leaked. The base would end up being discovered and griefed by Pumpkin, soon after the Oil Rig was.

Reunification of DC and Current Activity

Following the sullying of both Caudimorda's base and Coauthor's, The Basement and the Oil Rig, respectively, both teams decided to join forces once again and work on a base together. Coauthor's group left the Peak of Refuge, and met up with the others at a new location, dubbed Shanghai. The faction picked up members PunkFlorist and Rayyze while living here, while OG member hazjosh left. This base is the current HQ of the group, and the group infrastructure is spread between it and a few other bases that need not be mentioned here.


  • Kyle has contributed absolutely nothing to this group despite being one of the longest standing original members.
  • DC has had 6 staff and ex-staff members over the course of its lifetime so far.
  • Walked into Gardenia storage today. The server started to hiss and shake. The TPS dropped into the negatives, and the items in my inventory started to undergo mitosis. The shulkers of egaps in my echest multiplied, as the 2gsets became 4 as my block game wealth began to blossom into that of pre-ban warvan. My block game status grew, as did my trade count on the Purity Trading Hub. However, boone found the poop stash and my entire faction is now under the ban hammer, and the admins are now calling it 'Gardenia's Sex Dupe (Gone Wrong)'.
  • This is the group's banner:
    Various images courtesy of Norlak, GlaceonGuy, Tarqshark and Frrost_Bite.