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"If the name isn't being used can we use it?"

~God Probably

The Czechoslovakians are a group dedicated to meming. Founded by some bored nerds, their main claim to fame is the Overworld Highway, created by Czechoslovakia's very own CTA.

The Beginnings

When ToCloseToCrazy first joined the server on a forgotten date, he ventured a mere 3,000 blocks out before getting bored and building a castle. All was well, until his base was found from the tunnels he had built in the Nether. Both his bases were destroyed, and ToCloseToCrazy was a changed man.

He wouldn't return to the server for another month, until one day he when returned with another. British Spy and ToCloseToCrazy would venture out into the great unknown, eventually setting up Fort Czechoslovakia, were they still reside.


The CTA, standing for the Czechoslovakian Tunnel Authority, is the division of Czechoslovakia dedicated to the construction and maintenance of the Overworld Highway.