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"23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." ― - The Bible

Cum Bean Village. Chief's first building project on Purity, groomed to be his first area of settlement to get started on Vanilla after retiring from griefing. The building process took a few hours -- though hard work pays off, as evidenced by the end result of Cum Bean Village.

Cum Bean Village earned its notary name due to Chief's main reasoning: if its griefed, whoever does it will have to utter its unholy name if they dare flex their transgression against Cum Bean Village on Discord screenshots. Cum Bean Village lasted about three hours after construction was completed until its coordinates were leaked by a player that was settled nearby, and taken out by the street shitting menace known as Camzure. Chief, with a heavy heart, moved on to tunneling in the Nether to seek out a new base alone, though died nearly eight times in the process. He gave up for the night, just to find out that all of his time wasted was reverted by a server rollback that went to about twelve hours. While the rest of the server bitched over their lost progress, Chief was delighted to find out that Cum Bean Village was returned to him, though he had to log off for the day as his shift at a shitty security job had finally ended. He returned home to find out the street shitting menace had struck yet again, this time leaving signs that boasted how he was able to play Minecraft for eighteen hours straight without his parents beating the shit out of him.

Chief was fueled by holy rage for not one -- but two transgressions against Christ's Home. The Lord Penguin mentioned that if he was able to catch Camzure hacking -- he'd restore Cum Bean Village a final time. And so, Chief had set out on his conquest against the Indian, determined to seek retribution for Cum Bean Village. And so -- he had. On April 18th, Camzure uploaded an image to the Discord depicting his diamonds in an attempt to prove someone wrong -- though he had unknowingly uploaded his ESP hacks. Chief immediately noticed this, and had saved the images before Camzure could attempt to hide his obvious hacks.

Lord Penguin was notified, and Cum Bean Village was restored a final time. Chief, refusing to lose his holy creation a third time had taken the liberty of packing up Cum Bean Village, and moving out. It was with the remains of Cum Bean Village that Chief created his work of art, Fortnite Poo Poo Tower.