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Offensive Content!
This page contains offensive content and should be taken with a grain of salt. It's all fun and games, though. Nothing is serious on this page.

On Purity Vanilla, many people say things that the community cannot just let go of. This is a collection of the most well-known copypastas on the server. New ones are added every time someone is stupid and says something worthy of becoming copypasta.

Copypasta List

  • hey yeah about that... I mean i can't say much more than sorry and that I didn't intend on leaking mayors when I joined. Something about you and rico/friends of rico is just an unlucky mix evidently. If im completely honest I didn't want to leak mayors at first because you were in it and I know your history about this kinda thing happening and I thought we were pretty chill. I know that doesn't really mean anything now, but I did want to let you know. And thank you for the paper on to the next dm
  • hey, &#49a896&lcome to &#d2f0b4&lPOGTOWN &#49a896&lfor free &#d2f0b4&lFOOD &#49a896&land &#d2f0b4&lTREES! &#49a896&lcoords are &#d2f0b4&l300, 300!
  • You're aware that this does not belong in #player-reports
  • Don’t mock staff for doing their jobs. That hasn’t gone well for anyone.
  • This is not how you get unbanned
  • on my 9b9t base we have illegal items
  • Ok, what's with the n***** jokes? It's not amusing after a few hundred times. Don't you have any other words in your vocabulary? I mean, What is really wrong with you against black people? have you been whipped or something?
  • Ok, what's with the cracker jokes? It's amusing after two times. Don't you have a giant vocabulary? I mean, what is really right with you for white people? Have you been patted or something?
  • I have made a Grave mistake, I used my xray for a few minutes and got caught by a sneaky admin. I am sorry about my actions and have taken it upon myself to stop hacking On your server.
  • I am sorry for attempting to chunk dupe, I fully admit that I was trying to achieve a duplicate of an item I placed into the chest in different chunks and I won't ever do anything ever suspicious that like that again I promise. All I'm really asking for is for a shorter ban because my whole group is getting online tomorrow, if you don't want to shorten it that's fine I just want you to know I am truly sorry for my actions.
  • Why Does This Server Get So Many Players When It Isnt Complete. My Server Is Finished With /bal And All Economy And It Gets 3 Players. Come Join My Finished Server And Not This One.
  • I take my anarchy experience seriously too
    And you ruined it with tp'ing to Me
    In survival
  • "You ruined my anarchy experience. Yo Mod gimme some free items and I'll Forget about It LULW"
  • no hacking check /rules
  • Lol if u go to any semi vanilla server and ask about me the staff will say I’m a top predator and they watch me all the time but I’m the most legitimate player
  • new I got my gf to join the game and managed to meet her at some tens of thousands of blocks from spawn. Essentially, I tried to shoot a mob and my god bow insta killed her with full health (somehow she got in the way). normally this wouldn't be something we can do, but I do think the staff should take this request into consideration. Can we tp her back to where she died? I'm still asking to make the trip back with her, after all, she is new to the game and doesn't really know what shes doing, so it would be unreasonable for her to make it back to the halfway point we were at considering it took her a majority of the day to get there from spawn in the first place. If for added incentive, Id even be down to pledge a donation in her name, as I've done with two accounts with ult before her.
  • who this fucknword guy
  • Satan Alt
  • Edami Tuesday 5:42pm:satan just has a stack of reverse cards in uno.
  • You should have seen me around fae and amaxia
  • can i joien varden pls @EDAMI
  • edamame shut up before i punch you
  • Fae is a nice man!
  • shwmepotatosalad at 8:34 AM: fucking edami is such a pussy ass snowflake little bitch its crazy anyone has any respect for or talks to that sack of garbage still
  • i genuinely fucking despise you. you’re the worst. my hate runs so deep. i don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you. you’re the epitome of everything wrong with people after what you did. you didn’t say a word to anyone about how you felt. you sabotaged months of hard work. and gave a hollow apology after letting someone else take the blame. you’re a bottom of the barrel human being. honestly. i really hate myself for trusting you. i defended you from coauthor only for him to be 100% right. absolute cancer.
  • If anyone wants to play codmobile add me TrippieWrld i need some good teammates to get to legendary.
  • i saw you guys for what you really were. you guys were assholes. now i know; venture vanilla is actually cool and you guys are assholes. fuck you acnechrist. i'm gonna, block you. fuck you. you guys, you guys are assholes. all of you, except venture vanilla and except pinkhatponpo - cuz he's kinda cool. you guy - but the rest of you are assholes. i mean some of you are cool, some of my moderators are cool. kylesmile is pretty cool, this guy's cool, he's cool, kylesmile he's pretty cool. but everyone else - i ca - and ... gott shutze rhon, you were an asshole too. i can believe you guys' done this. i'm switching to venture vanilla side, you guys, you guys, i cant believe you've done this. i can't believe it. you guys are assholes. i declare war - against venture vanilla ... i mean not venture vanilla - purity vanilla. venture vanilla's cool, purity vanilla's bad. this is my last video for the day. mrcuby out.
  • Pretty crazy that I'm partnering with Penguin but we're actually doing an 11k donation its low-key pretty small for us actually.
  • Can I come to db im baseless now.
  • Grey = Gay
  • I actually have marketable skills and talents, so my time is a lot more valuable that you virgins who sit on your ass playing Lego Worlds Battle Royale version all day
  • When can we in DB?
  • Yeah fuck it, I'll do something productive with my day instead of playing Minecraft with people who use their mommy's PayPal to cut in line
  • You would know more about cat biology if you actually paid attention to the living breathing things and the world around you instead of block build swordfight simulator 24/7
  • Lol jesus. This is just like being ticketed by the police for some arbitrary victim less crime. No, I have donated 10 dollars already to the server already. Explain to me why I am banned.
  • KILL HALOMAN AT -34329 X 75 Y -103984
  • 21000+ duped shulkers waiting to be released lmfao shit server ruined. $1000s of dollars scammed from your shit server. GrandmaPepe ON TOP viper69420 ON TOP wences ON TOP genasin ON TOP
  • i’m not hired off pvper i’ve been one of the major players across any server for the last 3 years so idk where you’re coming from idk who you are but it’s a block game tournament for fun so
  • You mofos are rly stupid. We can overthrow all of ur greasy "old"fags in a few days, we are plainly stronger than your bullshit pvpers
  • ok episode 10 of my little horse is so good and funny i luaaghed so hardwhen i saw it the animation is perfedct in every way and the lines are not the story telling is so awesome like i cant even describe it and like the part where jimmy neutron fights of the orcs ive never been more exicted in my life and i was just sittin g there frooting for him the enetire time i love dit so much please srtop ignoring me cawa
  • n fights of the orcs ive never been more exicted in my life and i was just sittin g there frooting for him the enetire time i love dit so much please srtop ignoring me cawa
  • goodestguy » bruh i hav anger issues and in real life i wouldnt be talking id just fuk u up lol
  • How the fuck does grass grow? Like, where are the seeds on those little fuckers? 
  • TL;DR my son is a Terrorist! I walked in on my son playing a video g* me, I was furious! He explained to me that he has to play this g* me called Counter Strike Global Offensive to kill Terrorists and prevent a Bomb from detonating! I was so proud of my patriotic and truly american son for killing these Terrorists that I forgave him for playing a video g* me! Nevertheless I was suspicious, it is a video g* me! I spied on him for about 30 minutes and then I saw it, I SAW IT!!! HE WAS PLAYING AS A TERRORIST, MY SON LIED TO ME. HE TRIED TO HIDE THAT HE LIKES KILLING PEOPLE AND THAT HE LIKES BLOWING EVERYTHING UP!!! He thought that he could trick me, but I know the truth about my son and g* mers:THEY ARE TERRORISTS and this g* me called Counter Strike Global Offensive is nothing but a hub to spread their believs and evil plans!Ban video games now! Save your children from this evil g* me! 
  • Hey guys i think its time you all knew the truth. There was never a seed crack or leak in the first place. This was organized between Empire and Penguin with Empire selling several shulkers worth of obsidian to Penguin for the construction of his gold farm. This was orchestrated in order to switch the server to a brand new world seed that would benefit Empire as it has several structures located nearby coordinates that they already wanted to use for their new base. I couldnt just sit here and let misinformation and lies spread.
  • Im proud to announce that me and a team of minecraft specialists have just cracked the new world seed. I will be selling the seed info for 20 shulkers of obsidian rocks (it is after all the most appropriate currency for a minecraft server as it can be used to construct a gold farm using a complex lattice of nether portals) half of this sum is paid up front so that I know youre legit.
  • i think u guys fail to understand the totality of how much power empire members weilded before they were banned. Lets say hypothetically that they owned a combined 250 shulkers of obsidian. that really is an unheard of amount and could have been used to construct over a dozen high efficency gold farms (providing experience points, rotten flesh, and of course gold). That legacy of potential riches and power will live forever even if their minecraft accounts are no longer with us
  • Johny لديّ أسئلة في ذهني ولا يمكنني التصرف ببطء ، أنتم

أقضي الكثير من الوقت في الحفاظ على جميع أسئلتي أدناه

لا يزالون يقاتلون جميعJuice World أعدائي ، إنهم يقومون بفخاخ في الأسفل

ما زلت واقفاً على عشرة أصابع ، وعشر مجزات تبدو جميلة

لكن عشرة مجاري هي عشرة ثقوب وضعت في روحي ، نعم

كان بإمكاني أن أحظى بمعازق مطاردة ، لكنك تعلم أنني لن أفعل ذلك أبدًا ، صحيح

Fortniteلانني يجب ان احفظ روحي من الشيطان ، قف

في هذا العالم ، يجب أن أحافظ على قبضتي ، ن

  • Walked into Invicta storage today. My computer started to hiss and shake. My framerate dropped into the negatives, and the keys on my laptop started to quiver and melt. The bolts holding my laptop together popped out violently, as the plastic and silicone components began to mold together in an unholy pile of metal slag before bursting into flame. It burnt down my house and everyone inside. My entire neighborhood is under quarantine, and news outlets are now calling it 'America's Elephant foot'.

CoPyPaSta lIsT

  • iF thIs Is AnaRChy WhY CAn´T i HaCK??????
  • I hAvE mAdE a GrAvE mIsTaKe, I uSeD mY xRaY fOr a fEw miNuTeS aDd gOt cAuGhT bY a SnEaKy aDmIn. I aM sOrRy AbOuT mY aCtIoNs aNd hAvE tAkEn iT uPoN mYsElF tO sToP hAcKiNg On YoUr SeRvEr.
  • I Am sORrY For aTtEMPtinG To cHuNk DUpE, i fUllY AdMit THaT I waS trYInG to ACHievE A duPLiCAtE of aN IteM i PLAceD inTo THe cHeST in DIfFeREnt cHuNKs aNd I wON't EvER dO anYThiNg EVeR suSPicIoUs THaT lIke ThAt AGaiN I prOmIsE. aLl i'M rEAlLy asKiNg FOr iS For A sHoRTer BAN becAuSe My WhOlE GRoup IS gETtiNg OnLIne TOmorRoW, iF yoU DoN't WANt tO ShOrtEn It THAt's FIne i JuSt WaNT yoU tO kNOW i Am TruLY sOrrY foR mY ACtioNs.
  • WhY DoES ThIS SeRVer GeT So MaNY PLaYERS WheN It IsNT ComPLEtE. My SeRVEr Is FinISHeD wItH /bal aNd alL EcoNomY aNd iT GetS 3 PlaYErs. ComE JoiN My FiNiShed Server AnD NoT ThIs onE.
  • I take MY AnArchY exPeRienCe SeRiOUsLY ToO
    And YOu RUIneD it WITH Tp'iNG tO Me
    in suRViVAL
  • "YOu rUINed my aNaRChy ExPeRIeNcE" ALsO KArdaX: YO MoD gIMme SOme fREE itEmS And I'LL FoRgEt ABOuT It LULW
  • We ShOuLd BuIlD tRaDiNg OuTpOsTs GuYs!