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First connected in early July of 2019. Played as lone wolf for month. Joined The Cartel on August 14th, 2019. After fall of The Cartel base at 15 September 2019, became lone mercenary. On 21 October 2019 was invited to Build Guild and accepted the invitation.

Build guild activities:

  • Working on Contosnatia project. It is futuristic district in main base of Build Guild.
  • Assisted with building Great Cathedral at main square. (Dug up basement 7x12 chunks 25 blocks heigh )

After months of hibernation in a chamber simulating engineering tests, he was finally awaken on 7 Jun 2020. Found out that the Build Guild was dissolved and he is the last member.

He decided to continue be lone member of Build Guild. But change its focus to community maintenance efforts. Which included building/maintaining the highways. Nether portal waypoints and etc...

He was working on 20K highway, which baseblock was placed on 13 March 2021. He successfully completed one side, but he put construction on hold, because of faction change.

He joined Invicta, where he was working on his nuclear plant. Helped with farm perimeters. He created series of sign map arts, which contains warning signs ( ! , radioactivity and electricity ). He was planing to help with main Invicta base after he will complete his nuclear plant. However, before he was able to help in any meaningful way with building of main base, it was griefed (around 19 August 2021).

After he left the griefed base he once more went to build 20K highway. He is passing time with it and other gigs like cactus desert before 1.18 version. With which he wants to re-join players from the Invicta at new base.

Gallery in chronological order:

The second identity
In queue he is know as DAFK_Contom (D- Drown/Down, AFK). This is a list with all confirmed drowned/downed players that should be ashamed to AFK in queue.

Additional info

Discord: Conto#7406