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One of the most prominent traders of Purity at one point and suspected alt/lover of Tarqshark. Cicada is one of the founders of Eden and a barbaric mountain dweller with long flowing locks of hair in real life.

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Biography of the Rock Thrower

"i joined purity as a kid and cancel made a man of me in 5 hours, 5 hours bulling in spawn nonstop, im kinda happy, i fought 3 different people, got popped twice and had to log"

On his 5th day on the server he got invited to the Kevin island founded by Wedgo and Wingboi and based there for a long time, farming carrots and trading his way into immense wealth, becoming one of the only Netherite ranked traders at the time on the Purity trading hub. After the grief of Kevin 1, Eden was formed by Cicada and the rest of the refugees from Kevin: SimplyBac, Spectral, Wedgo, Weiss, Zorsk

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