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The Chadlets are a PvP-focused group of players who have played on the server since 2 August 2019 but was formalized as a faction on 17 January 2020. They formed the core of Valhalla from its formation until they split off in late January-early February due to tensions with Daddy Satan. The group is notable for being responsible for the destruction of many bases, including among them Hive I and II, Dawnbreakers I and II, the Pillar of Autumn, basically everything The Varden has ever created, and eventually the majority of Empire/NSO bases.



The group of players which would later be named the Chadlets have been playing together for over 5 years before Purity Vanilla was created. They started playing on the server on 2 August 2019, initially including Winterb0rn, Vivid, Latvian, Jonsie, and Hux.

The group was approached by Satan in September 2019 to join his new faction, Valhalla, and they accepted his offer. They formed the core of Valhalla, being heavily involved in all of their raids and conflicts. In January 2020, they began to argue with Satan about how he disregarded the opinions of the rest of the Valhalla members, such as him doing griefs in the spawn region with Caudimorda, negatively affecting the play experience.

The majority of the members of Valhalla left on 3 February 2020, with Vivid and Hux announcing the formation of the Chadlets. The name was written off as a shitpost by literally everyone including Winterborn, but the name (sadly) stuck.

Dragon Egg Acquisition

Following the Permanent Ban of Dougg1, Penguin decided that he would host a Hardcore Survival Event with the winner being crowned the new owner of the Dragon Egg that was at the time, sitting in an everlasting stasis, as it sat in Dougg1s inventory.

Many notable players and factions took this opportunity to assemble formidable teams in order to compete for the ultimate relic. It was within the first few hours that a rivalry had already been formed between the Chadlets and a combination of Oldfags led by the Logistics of Fear and Combat experience of MichaelCycle. It was clear from the start that in order to win, the Chadlets would have to make alliances with many smaller factions as they were outnumbered 3 to 1. Schwmepotatosalad immediately reached out to old allies Zeraxul, while ViViD called up the power of the Greys and EC member Feraligatrs - this would be the start of the greatest Army Vanilla Purity has ever amassed. With each passing day, the Chadlets found themselves on the end of constant base raids and assassination attempts that would slow their production, but, Fiib - chief of operations for the Chadlets, kept fighting through paving way for the Chadlets success.

It was around day 4 that the Chadlets allied with Stornwald who showcased his skills during the Temp Map Rest II - it would prove to be a crucial turning point for the Chadlets as they were losing hope in their fight for the Dragon Egg. Lastly, ViViD had reached out to Justanothersheep when he noticed that the lad had been putting in hard work during the event, this would be the final and integral member of the team.

The final day had arrived and the Chadlets spirits were high, ready to fight. The group had amassed at Tarkshark's brewery which was located away from the base as a contingency plan in the event of a raid - this would prove to be the right move and proper provisions were distributed among the group. They were ready and confident they would be the group to prevail. As the chunk border was closing the most unfortunate of situations had occurred - Justanothersheep was kicked when he stood on a boat with the "flying is not enabled error." This disqualified him as the logs showed he had left without error. Homage was paid in memory of his hard work and dedication to the cause, and the Chadlets would continue on.

Finally, the enemy group was spotted and with leadership from Ragsterinja and Shwmepotatosalad the Chadlet Army commenced their fight. Immediately the Chadlets took out Jake7625 (who was in iron armor due to dying 20 minutes before the event started) and DanishDreams, followed by the loss of NickSGS, Schmebly, and Grey_Jamool. Derpac, paved way for the real men to begin their fight. What started off as an even fight became a bloodbath as Shwme started blowing up the enemy team one by one. The cries of wasted hours could be heard as J and Stino were double killed by a single crystal.

Fear and MichaelCycle were eliminated by a combination of poor positioning, lag, and a lack of support from their team. This would be the enemy team's last hope in their pursuit of the Egg and the Chadlets made sure to capitalize on their misfortune. With all remaining members eliminated and 8 members of the Chadlet army alive they decided a free for all would ensue, this truly became an anarchy Fortnite situation and ended with Ragsterinja as the victor.

Chadlets and Friends Team Fear
Commanders and leaders
Main Chadlet Leaders
  • Shwmepotatosalad
  • Ragsterinja
  • ViViDDiViV
  • Zeraxul
  • Stornwald
  • Tarqshark
  • Fiibb
  • DanielB1012
  • JustAnotherSheep
Main Team Fear Leaders
  • Fear
  • MichaelCycle
  • J
  • GoldenCookie
  • DaddySatan
  • Popcat
  • iCodeViper
  • Soosh

The Greys Chads

Once the Dragon acquisition was overcome, Hux a promontory member of the chadlets forgot to turn off his stream following the end of the event. Wingboi still watching the stream got cords to the chaldets main base and would evernutally leak them to empire down the line. Once the Greys heard about this, they opened the doors of odyssey to the chadlets so they wouldn't have to rebuild a new main base. Upon arrival thy two groups quickly got to work on making new farms and increasing wealth.

The Raid On El Cubado and PunkTown

Some time had passed since the arrival of the Chads at odyssey. It came to the collective knowledge of the Chads that empire griefed Cadlet's old main base. This stemmed from the Chads relentless desire for revenge and decided to inside empire. They sent out an alt who would eventually get cords to El Cubado and Punktown. The chads sat on these cords for some time until they felt the time was right to attack. Dung Beatles, raided empire's main base Dangzing, once word got out about this. The Chads knew it was time to strike to hopefully cover their alt and blame the two griefs on DB. It was roughly 11 pm EST, four members set out to begin the grief (NeddleRW, PurpleCacti, Tarqshark, and Mier). The first stop was Punktown, upon arrival they noticed how poor the base was and resulted into only using flint and steel alongside minimal TNT. Before they left, they planted a wither labeled "DB ON TOP YOU SUCK!!!".

Once Punktown was in ruins, the four set out to hit El Cubado. The journey was long and resulted in Needle and Purple getting off for the night, while Tarqshark and Mier continued on the journey. The two eventually arrived at the base. Upon arrival, they immediately noticed how many shulkers there were. Tarqshark began stealing beacons and blowing up farms while Mier gathered the shulkers laying around. As some time passed they called upon Rag and Drrew to help move the endless amount of shulkers. Towards the end of the grief the lyava casted the main entrance and left another wither labeled "DB ON TOP YOU SUCK!!!"

Medusa's Wraith on Kevin Island I and Kevin Island II

Tarq got a alt named medusa, People simped, bases fell.

Chadlet's Reform

After the leak of Chadlet's 5-week old base Artic, the group went into a standstill while some split off to make solo bases while others took a break from the server. Once the group decided it was time to regroup they brought in GlaceonGuy and Foxtrot. The group went out far and begun work on a new main base which would be called Fuckler's Creek, described to be a cross between ritualistic stone structures and futuristic acid themed builds, and of course, the insiding of groups across the server will begin again.

The Inside and Raid on NSO

NSO Villager Breeder .png
NSO GP Farm.png

After Foxtrot left NSO, he was seeking a new faction to be apart of. Being good friends with Tarqshark, he messaged Tarqshark about joining Chadlets. After a few weeks of consideration, the Chadlets have recruited Foxtrot. After realizing his hatred and disgust for NSO, he decided to inside NSO using reverse psychology. Foxtrot believed that NSO was the cancer of Purity Vanilla. Foxtrot claimed he had joined Chadlets to inside them so that he could hype up NSO. But in reality, Foxtrot used that as an excuse to inside NSO. Before the NSO raid, Foxtrot pulled an Acne and found old evidence of Acne using radar and got him permanently banned. After the ban of AcneChrist, Foxtrot acquired the super farms built by wRongo and the Chadlets decided to raid and grief NSO. After the raid, NSO decided to seek dirt against Foxtrot and got him temp banned for a week. After attempting to dox Foxtrot, besides saying his real name, they all ended up getting banned from or left the Purity Vanilla main discord. This inside job and raid marks the end of the Chadlet-Empire War (or at least that we know of).

Raiding Spree

On the night of 17/01/21, the Chadlets mobilized themselves and went on to grief three major faction bases in one night. Through mostly unrevealed methods, they would grief Eden's Kevin 7, then Rakovan's main base, before arriving at DC's Mensis. Several members of the community theorised that, as Valhalla did the year before, the Chadlets would strike several bases starting at midnight on New Year's Eve. Knowing this, and knowing that Purity's overwhelming sense of communal paranoia would result in more hidden shulkers than normal, the group decided to hold off on the event until a few weeks later, on a date that no one would suspect - the one-year anniversary of Chadlets being formalized as a faction, according to this wiki page.

Initially, the group ran into problems - Penguin had planned to switch to a temp map on the same day the raiding was planned, and the event was almost called off. Luckily, there were no signs that penguin's estimate was likely to come true, and the group had more than enough time to carry out their plans. Stasising between bases, they had finished griefing in just over three hours, with several dozen stolen shulkers and an inane amount of GP borrowed from DC. This also culminated in bringing in a new member, MicolashNoPants, for leaking DC coords.

Kevin 7 after the grief

Group photo of the chadlets at DC

Ravokan after the grief

Fuckler's Creek

After the raiding spree, the Chadlets returned to their base of 2 months, Fuckler's Creek. It was developing well - but lacked a central theme. Tarq and Glaceon decided to work on a hub, which would connect the individual areas of the base together with joint themes from throughout the base. The group continued to fill their base with builds until June 2021, when they noticed that a diagonal highway was being built from nether hub, and would cross past their base just over 2k nether blocks away. Not wanting to risk the absolute danger this threatened from being so close to a diagonal axis, the group came to an agreement to self-grief the base. Thinking of ways to use the opportunity, it was suggested that they invite Apersu, a recently established Purity Vanilla content creator, to come and make a video on the grief of the base. Apersu accepted the invite, and his video can be found here.

After the loss of Fuckler's Creek, the Chadlets would establish a new base, named Vicus Capitus. This base would be short-lived - a miscommunication would result in ViViD uploading a picture of the group in front of Vicus' storage hall to this very wiki, something that could very well have exposed their coordinates to dedicated basehunters. The group decided that, as the base had existed for less than a month at this point, it would be safer to abandon it and leave it behind. Several months later, it was found and griefed via unrelated methods by basehunter Jason3M.

Further Raiding and Destruction

After the group's grief of NSO in November 2020, and raiding spree in January 2021, they realised that there were little-to-none large bases left on the server bar their own. Purity was in a period where many bases had been griefed within only a few months by Chadlets and by NSO, and with many new players joining, the group decided to give basehunting and insiding a break for a few months whilst others built themselves up. This would end by May 2021, when GlaceonGuy staged his double inside of the groups MFE and The Deliverance, on which he made a youtube video found here.

The group would then once again grief Rakovan, taking down their base R4 not long after the group absorbed members from the griefing group ICP. They would then go on to grief a joint base of DC and Mystic, Okami's main base, Abiete II and Eden's Kevin 0 in the period from June to October 2021. Next would come their biggest grief of the year - the grief of Mossad.


GlaceonGuy would acquire the coordinates to the group base of Rakovan, NSO and Pumpkin Legion, named Mossad. The base had been under development for the previous 3-4 weeks, and Chadlets had decided to strike them whilst they were all still actively building. However, as this base had such a huge amount of members present, it would be necessary for them to bring reinforcements. Sensing an opportunity, they invited DB members Rhonor, Frazzle53, Honzin, Hallux, Norlak and jama2ta to grief the base and help combat the Moss Alliance members. This would be a revenge grief for DB, as their base had been griefed by the Moss Alliance not long before. The grief was extremely thorough as a result - the main areas of the base were nearly unrecognisable afterwards, resembling the spawn region more than a large group base.

Not long after Mossad's grief, the Chadlets would also grief Elysium's first main base, as they had become allied with the Moss Alliance.

Entrance to 2022

The Chadlets had a quiet Christmas period, and decided to remind the server of what they do. Lacksal once again insided two factions for them, providing the coordinates to Mayors Sky Base and Elysium II. It still boggles the mind how a player who already insided 5 different bases got into another two, but we don't look a gift horse in the mouth. They would also invite GoldenCookie420 to the group after seeing that his previous group, Invicta, had become inactive.

Chadlets are enjoying their time building at their current base, The Ringed City, and intend to keep doing what they've always done throughout 2022, ensuring that Purity Vanilla's anarchy status is kept tightly in check.