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The following content is predominantly satirical and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Caudimorda is a well revered spawn-dwelling oldfag, who is responsible for 80% of the lavacasts that populate the skyline of Purity's spawn region, including the infamous 500 500 wall (also known as Wallhalla). He is also known for eating copious amounts of unhealthy food on his regular mukbang camshows on the Purity Vanilla 18+ discord voice chat. He is a member of the Dick Cheese (DC) faction, as well as a the head chief of the Purity Vanilla Police Department (PVPD).

"cooble everywhere is not called anarchy thats called shit server" - tor123173

-on Caudimorda's contributions to Purity's Spawn


Early Days

Caudi spent most of his first days on the server picking arguments with anyone and everyone who dared speak in server chat. This because the first days he used to love lavacasting the giant then still uncasted areas near spawn resulting in him having to afk long periods.

Some notable results of the shit talking was edami getting into a fight with Caudimorda which ended up with Caudi wanting to grease vardens base. Moments after this fight in chat happend Caudimorda was contacted by somebody who had the coords to vardens base, and they went there together and totally blew up the varden base stealing all the loot.

Highway Griefing and Lavacasting

Caudi spent much of his time in his first year on Purity Vanilla decorating the spawn area and the highways with lavacasts and withers, respectively. Known for summoning dozens of withers on the highways in all directions, he was the sole contributor to PaCo's early wealth, as PaCo members were known to collect nether stars in Caudi's wake.

Mukbang Camshows

Despite it being months now since his last camshow in the Purity Vanilla discord, Caudi still prides himself with his famous eating livestreams in which an average audience of 5-10 purity players would regularly tune in to cheer him on as he consumed a spectacular amount of calories. The support of Caudi's purity fanbase pleased him, as he would frequently be dared to order "another pizza". These camshows also awarded Caudi with many nicknames based on his appearance, such as: Lardimorda, Fattymorda, Obesymorda, and so on. The inspiration on doing these VC mukbangs came from another famous purity player (M1an) Who has his own mukbang youtube Cold Can Reviews.

Caudi Joins DC

Due to Caudimorda's 7 day ban for scripting an auto-reconnect function, and his friendship to the group's leader, eulo, he was obviously accepted into the faction Dick Cheese, infamous for its reputation as a group of malicious no-good immoral LGBTQ+ hackers.

The Iron Fist of The PVPD

Caudi is also an integral part of the Purity Vanilla Police Department's operations, serving as their police chief, or "guy in the chair", working to catch hackers within and outside of the spawn region with his team of elite field agents. See the PVPD's wiki article for more history on the server's most feared spawn authority.


  • Caudi's favourite food is.....you guessed it, 2 pizzas!
  • Despite clearly being of Caucasian descent, Caudi frequently enjoys indulging in all aspects of East Asian culture, including anime/manga, traditional garments, antique collection and cuisine. He openly shares this interest of his with the Purity community, and boasts a large collection of anime/hentai posters, as well as a vast traditional knowledge (which he refers to as Yellow Wisdom)
  • Caudi enjoys the sweet sounds of young japanese girls farting, you can frequently find him in the Public VC, listening to audio such as: Japanese girls farting compilation 2
  • Caudimorda is actually roommates with fellow purity player eulogysinger, they live together with their friend Evan (who doesn't play on the server), in rural South Korea.