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Below is a directory on various articles and categories giving information on Purity Vanilla.

Important Information

  • Purity Vanilla - Basic information on the server
  • Rules - Purity's rules
  • Queue - Information on Purity's queue server
  • Purity Servers - A list of servers run by Purity
  • Player Ranks - The ranks of players within Purity, both donor and non-donor
  • Discord - Information about the server's Discord
  • Server Modifications - List of modifications to the server that alter it from the default world

Community Information

  • Staff - Pages on Purity's Staff
    • Penguin - The server owner
    • Retired Staff - Former staff who have retired from the role for various reasons
  • Players - Articles on Purity Vanilla players
  • Factions - Articles on groups formed in Purity
  • Events - Pages on events that have happened in Purity's history
  • Locations - Pages on various locations within Purity
    • Spawn - The server's spawn area
    • Highways - Purity's (mainly nether) highways
    • World Border - The server's world border
    • Builds - Pages on structures built within Purity
  • Server Culture - Pages regarding the culture of Purity Vanilla
  • Items - Items which warrant a page for one reason or another

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