As with many other game communities, Purity Vanilla has its own culture among its players.

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  • Obsidian - The server's old currency for trades, now useless
  • Elmoism - A meme religion promoted by The Elmo Union
  • Jakeism - A meme religion promoted by the Church of Jake
  • The Cubestapo - The secret police of MrCuby's fascist regime
  • Greys - Purity's much-hated new and inexperienced players
  • Copypastas - Utterances so legendary or dumb that they must be repeated. Over and over again.
  • The Itch - He is The Itch
  • The Cum Cauldron - The most important cauldron in the server. Specifically its in the Queue.
  • Votefag - A movement led by griefyoudotEXE to shame voters
  • Mooooosh - Famed leader of the Mooshers, often memed

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