Purity Wiki



I First joined Purity late February 2020, This is where I started my downward trend of founding "newfag" poverty groups. The first group that was founded was PRR (Panama Red Riders), the goal of this group was to bed bomb geared players and destroy the +Z highway. This group sadly ended when all of the members quit after queue was introduced.

Between Groups

Nothing much happened, I did some work for the Paco's and had a brief stint with Zenith. Later I was forced to inside GLM and that went poorly for Zenith along with my reputation.


Rakovan started out as another poverty faction, but after the first Chadlet greif it forced us to evolve into a semi respectable greifing faction. From then on I have continued to "lead" the faction through its many ups and downs.

(Also I stole Titanite from NukeFries)