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Bemosh Joined Purity in late February 2020, he went on to create PRR, a faction consisting of new players with little anarchy experience. From there he would do highway building himself up on the server until he was able to join his first real faction, that being Zenith which was the faction predating Gardenia.


Bemosh created Rakovan on 9/15/2020, it originally only three members, (Bemosh, Virkyme, and ConstanceNoise) from there they remained a relatively small group until being greifed which led to the supposed glory age of Rakovan where it expanded greatly between February 2021 and August of that year. In that time alliances were made between Pumpkin Legion, NSO, and Eden. Rakovan soon morphed into a more greifer oriented faction with the involvement of Arkkyn and CluckyCat respectively.

Current Events

As of now Bemosh is fairly inactive as is Rakovan, with only a brief appearance from him on occasion. He still maintains a small presence within the community often larping about the "good old days" and how things used to be.