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Baltica is a relatively new faction, with its goals to be a strong and recognized team within the server of Purity Vanilla. As of now, it remains small and elusive, but hopes to become much larger and more influential over time. It is led by **** and Kuro exe, followed by Splast, VvinndiPeas and Otang1119. It is the "second reich" of Nordica if you will, and plans to expand upon what Nordica planned to accomplish previously.

Group picture of Baltica members at Tallinn

The Beginning

After the fall of Nordica, Kuro exe bounced around Purity for awhile. He made a short lived group that was subsequently griefed during his several month long hiatus. A few real life friends of his, VvinndiPeas, Splast, and Otang1119 showed interest in Purity, and other past Nordica basemates, ***** and ***** also wanted to create a new reformation of Nordica. Kuro agreed, and rejoined Purity, and these events all led to the creation of Baltica.


Tallinn, (named after the capitol of Estonia, a baltic/""nordic"" country in Europe), was constructed after the members of Baltica moved to a base location, away from the griefed Germanica base Kuro and his previous basemates had inhabited a year prior. Players gloomd and mrfloppyfishfun joined the team a week later, being integrated into Tallinn. They had a group consisting of them and another friend, but their base had been griefed a day prior to them joining, so Baltica took them under their wing. Soon, Baltica had been contacting an unnamed associate of Therion_Warlock's group, Serenity...

Liberation of Serenity

Soon, this associate began to fall in alliance with Baltica. He had been telling them of Therion's despotic and controlling behavior, acting as a slaveowner. To liberate the camp, they gathered their members, Kuro_exe, gloomd and Splast to spearhead the raid on the base and bedtrap Therion, with the intent to extort any loot from him. Member VvinndiPeas set up a fake trade, to meet up and kill Therion to send him into the prepared bedtrap. (PS it was not a raid due to Vvinndi not taking any items from Therion.) While they were doing this, Otang1119 was sitting in base trying to figure out how to dm someone on Discord. After being trapped, Therion agreed to submit a portion of his ender chest loot as payment to be released. The base was subsequently griefed, and all slaves were liberated by members of Baltica.

Therion_Warlock trapped in his enclosure, being extorted

Therion_Warlock in his bedtrap