Atlantis was founded on the 27th of may 2019.

Founded by FailProductions and Lyonc, TheDanishDreams joined soon after and construction was initiated.

On approx. 30th of August 2019, the coords to Atlantis were compromised by the founder of Atlantis, FailProductions, unbeknownst to Danish. They had long talked about leaking it but decided not to, but when Danish came back from a short break the coords had been leaked without his knowledge.

The project span around 3 weeks in June, whereas most of this time was spent excavating the huge area needed to fit the monument. TheDanishDreams had designed and planned it prior to building it on Purity so the build was swiftly built. Still, it took around a week of resource gathering, building and final touches to complete it. By the end of the session, Danish and Fail grew tired of the build and decided to move on to The Jungle Steeple and the builds surrounding including Fail's huge manor still yet to be public.

Danish spent a lot of time on designing the build and the building part of the project. This was supported by Fail gathering a lot of resources and excavating a good part of the area as well as a little bit of building. LyonC was mostly inactive during this process.

The build had several parts to it, including the meeting area with a zombie farm, a pumpkin farm and a little chicken farm. It also contained a creeper farm and a dragon as can be seen in the pictures.

Atlantis' Leak

When Atlantis was leaked, a lot of people raced to get there first, wanting to obtain the supposed treasure left behind by Fail. This included a lot of various factions such as Varden and Valhalla. In fact, some people were so eager to get there that a select few choose to use illegitimate measures. One such example of this was Lolingcraft who actually got banned for using a hacked client to get there fastest. Numerous factions came to visit, most without ill intentions, but eventually the once paradise had been blown to smithereens and now only ruins remain. To Danish and Fail, Atlantis is a testament to the olden days of the server. Danish has returned a few times for the nostalgia and to him, this really was the peak of his time on this server.


If you wish to visit the ruins yourself and experience a bit of ancient PV history, the coords are: 94k, 65k - within the mountain.

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