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Apersu is one of Purity's largest content creators. He is known for his satirical and backhanded interviews with well-known players, and high production value larping. Despite joining Purity Vanilla in March of 2021, his newfaggotry is typically overlooked per his voice, which is roughly a combination of FitMC's and Swaggersouls'. His videos are available at https://www.youtube.com/c/Apersu.

Apersu's Start


Apersu (middle, sheep skin) standing in front of the Morningstar base with previous faction members.

In early March, Apersu came down with a cold that left him out of work for a week. With nothing to do, he searched Google for some Minecraft servers that would help him pass the time, not planning on continuing playing after his break. Out of all the servers he joined, he felt most drawn to Purity Vanilla and decided to stick around. After joining on March 15th, 2021, Apersu made his way via open Nether (not realizing there was a Nether highway due to newfaggotry) to around 30k, 30k. There he set up a small base where he began to familiarize himself with the culture of the server and gather materials. Around a week in, he needed transportable storage, so he contacted MSItachi about a potential shulker trade. After a successful transaction, Itachi offered the lost and stumbling newfag a place in his new griefing-and-building faction called Morningstar. Although the faction was infamous for its large ego and large newfag count, Apersu quickly became an integral member of the faction and the outside community. After a couple months, Morningstar disbanded due to in-fighting, and Apersu set out on his own as one of the only good things to have come out of the whole disaster.

Content Creation / YouTube

Around a month into his run with Morningstar, Apersu acknowledged the faction's poor reputation, and suggested creating high quality YouTube content to leaven Purity's distaste towards them. The faction leader MSLucifer thought it was a great idea, and the two started the official Morningstar YouTube channel. A week later, Apersu wrote and uploaded the video The Philosophy of Purity Vanilla. The video was surprisingly well received, and set him down his current path on the server. After Morningstar disbanded, with MSLucifer's blessings, Apersu revamped the Morningstar channel into his own personal channel, and continues to upload there to this day.

After the success of his first couple videos, Apersu wanted to create something different to his continual video essay style. He realized there was an enormous untapped market in talking with, and sometimes verbally abusing, fellow Purity players. Wanting to start off big, Apersu contacted Kavlar, Purity's most infamous shittalker, and after some masterful persuasion and $70, Kavlar agreed to speak with him in voice chat, thus birthing his first interview The Kavlar Interview. This video performed well, and instigated a new brand of interview-style content where he combines inquisitive journalism with sarcasm. To quote the regal RobertDonald, "I just can't understand why anyone would agree to one of your interviews."