the storage room of the underwater bunker

Angels of Anarchy, or more commonly known as WSC (Water Sheep's Cult) is a faction that was founded by the player Huriita on the 10th of August 2019 on an old server, Brolands.

WSC its a pacifist, building faction. We believe in helping new players and we have done numerous projects like the Seahorse Corp, Farora, Home (Located in other server) and much more.


Our group was formed on the server Brolands, a fan server for PewDiePie; as Huriita met players - of which Chriscamitina, Ounuo, FerzWither, Alaabrine and Cheese_Noodlez remain.


Our beginning on the server

After the closing of Brolands, the group went on the search of a new server. Long story short, we ended up here.

The members of the group gradually moved to this server from their previous one. At first, Huriita lived in spawn with FerzWither and 0_iBug to get the group together, but they were forced to move because of continuous griefing.

Home 1.2 Built in the private Aternos Server.

During the journey they met other players, getting in touch with Can9680 through a Reddit post. A now popular base was made, Checkpoint 1.

Other bases were built for new players to find refuge, for example Checkpoint 2 (snow base), and another; Checkpoint 3 (jungle base). Finally, the players reached a place far enough to start their first official base, Farora. During the establishment of the group on Purity Vanilla, new members continued to join, one of which is MitchellMines. At first, all members lived in Farora. Soon, they started to build upon the surface, planning to construct a city.

Seahorse Corporation

After a period of time, the group didn't have many ongoing projects and descended into inactivity, with the exception of some members. Multiple players left the group during that time, including Corny5150 (mostly caused by FerZWither) and 0_iBug.

Abandoned Bunker Farora

Upon seeing this, Huriita began a new project. A new bunker was started, known amongst members as the 'unnamed underwater bunker', and is still in progress.

The player Cheese_Noodlez and new member Uhwhatsup founded the Seahorse Corporation. It is currently the main source of our wealth. Because of this, the group got better gear and materials. Sadly, during this time the member FerZWither got banned from the server for using hacks, but is still in touch with the group through our discord server.


The latest thing that has happened is the recruitment of E4tenHouse, a friend of MitchellMines'; and our reunion with Alaabrine. We'll see what happens in the future; and hope that we will stay active.

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