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"I only combat log when there are two" ― Actzol

Actzol came to this forbidden earth in early may. Following the ways of the greyfag, Actzol fucked around at spawn naked for awhile, capes spamming in the chat. Actzol then learned how to play the game and walked all the way to base at 10k (a small hole in the ground). Knowing that griefing was to occur soon, he began to move again thinking that he would find nothing with his poorfag gear.


Suit Up

Suddenly, at around 20k Actzol found GaGamba's old base stocked with mending armor and weapons. Actzol suited himself immediately, and made an attempt to fuck up the base. At this moment, Actzol thought he was the richest player on purity, he thought he was unstoppable with a big ass ego.

The Start of The Logging

He proceeded to walk all the way to spawn to flaunt himself off with his silly old sharpness 3 sword that he named after a Fitmc video. After killing helpless greyfags for some time another geared player finally arrives to challenge him going by the name of Zeraxul. After getting to about 2 hearts in 10s, and a load of spamclicking, Actzol combat logs.

Combat logging would mark a New age on the Actzol calendar, as a whole new age of dislikeing for him would arise. Actzol would also be taught a good lesson after this, that he was a fucking pussy. But this did not really work as the same events would happen all over again at spawn with Zeraxul again (lul).

A Lesson Learned... Finally...

With the terrible pvp skills that Actzol had, it was time to build. This would drive Actzol all the way to 60k out. Actzols base would end up as a small piston door leading to an underground chamber with a house inside. This would be Actzols home for some time. This was also the time when Actzol found his first elytra and set of totems. After discovering the world was still plentiful with this loot, Actzol decided to be nomadic.

A Friend

While Actzol was exploring a nether highway, he was whisperd by TipTopBopp. TipTopBopp asked if he was into raiding bases. With Actzol of course saying yes, the two would raid the Resulzer groups base, after the raid the two would become close allys on the server, not yet basemates. Actzol would also become friends with Elyzeon and ThrashPanda (that no longer play).

The Phoenix Debacle

Assisting in Founding Passione